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Mens casual/streetwear clothing brand name

  • Hi, I'm planning to open clothing brand soon. I need name and logo to be done. Can you give me some examples and suggest someone who can do that work for good. I'm new to this site.
  • It’s this still actual, I am interested to make design for you. In past I used to make some designs for t-shirts and boards. It was for small skaters brand from Prague. If you are still interested send me a message or email at richartdemeter@gmail.com and I will send you link.
  • Hi Faris!
    For a good Brand Name you should:
    - Decide exactly what you want to communicate to potential customers
    - It must be connected to what you do in order to not confuse customers
    - it should not be similar to other brand in order to not confuse customers
    - It should be intuitive: when customers will read it, it should be easy for them to understand what you do and what you offer;
    - It should not be complex; keep it simple
    - It should be memorable;
    Pro Tip: Don't forget to create a slogan!

    Good Luck,
  • @faris.mecinović Once you decide on the name, I carry a number of fashion forward and streetwear style apparel mockups. Good luck.
  • Make sure that it is aligned with the market names!
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