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Shop did not approve

  • Hi ,There
    This is Maz
    I am new comer i've tried it many time last 14 days
    but My shop did not approve yet,
    if someone here can help me,
    i am very appreciated
  • Hey @Maz mazda!
    1. Do you sell your products anywhere else like etsy, society 6? It's nice to show CM team that you are already doing good in sales on other platforms.
    2. Make sure you have quality content on your portfolio sites.
  • Thanks for Your assistance,
    This is Just a Startup
    May i have your guidance to Open a Shop on Creative Market ?
  • I like to see your portfolio, will you send me link please?
  • ???
  • The stuff you have is extremely generic, and doesn't seem to have any use for other designers.
  • Try and practice more buddy.
  • Hey @Maz mazda ! Don’t get discouraged by the other comments. I would just suggest you add more products. I comment on a lot of the discussion posts like this where people’s shops didn’t get approved and almost always they make the same kind of graphics as you so you have to figure out what makes your designs stand out. For one, there are two designs called creative logo. Those are the sort of things that would work great in a large bundle so maybe you can combine those two sections and add at least 20 to 30 more to show creative market how you might sell them. Also, the cover images you have for both of them doesn’t tell me anything about what is included in the pack if I were to buy your creative logos so I would work on making your products ready to sell. I have noticed that creative market really cares about cover images so if you look at the logo design section of creative market you might get some ideas of what you can do to your cover image. I hope this helps.
  • Hello @Maz mazda I remember that when I applied for my second CM shop, I made a simple landing page on my website as a cover letter for the Creative MArket team, this is what I put on that cover letter:

    1.- My story (brief introduction)
    2.- Some of my work
    3.- Social media profiles
    4.- The reasons why I thought my products would sell well on CM.

    I think it worked because I was approved 2 days after applying.

    Hope this helps
  • My opinion as a buyer on CM is this....Make more content, look at other CM shops and get your creativity pumped up and try again. Never give up. I agree your shop is generic and it looks like you need to draw them in a sketch pad first then put on a computer. You have to be unique. Make buyers think to themselves wow I have to have that it's so cool. I am a buyer and the stuff I buy is awesome. Some stuff I buy I will never use but I buy it because its awesome. I am a CM collector sort of LOL There is some big contenders on CM. Look At Make Medias shop and Lisa Glanz shops just to name a few they are very creative. They sell stuff that is so unique I just have to have it. Take a stab at drawing and making hand made things like logos. My design teacher always said NEVER design on the computer, always draw it first. When I started doing that I improved a lot. Just my take on it. But keep on practicing!
  • Hi,

    I know the feeling. Just yesterday after my third attempt was I approved for a shop on the marketplace.
    I did not have a shop before Creative Market, so it isn't a must, but you should look at products similar to yours in terms of presentation, description, and quality.
    I focused on creating just one type of thing, which was templates, to show a clean consistent look to my portfolio and what I was good at. This seemed to have done the trick.
    I also created new products whenever I was rejected to show that I was taking on board the advice given to me.
    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

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