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Need assistance with FONTS

  • I need to turn my hand-drawn painted watercolor fonts on paper, into actual "FONTS" I don't have a mac or an ipad and this is an incredibly difficult task to do on a pc as there isnt any software, and yes I have tried fontself in both illustrator and photoshop neither can take a scanned image and digitize into a font. I have tried drawing fonts with brushes in the programs however the program fails to connect the cursive letters together so when you type out the words they are not at all connecting ( yes I used rulers and measured everything) scientifically it should work but it just doesn't. I have adjusted all of the settings in the software the way they should be but nothing works.

    I need to access to some sort of video tutorial or someone willing to train me on how this is accomplished. I have watched every tuesday and many others I need a more simple less talkative get to the point tutorial.
    I need to know how to create a cursive and or brush font with ligatures, and scanned in how this can be turned into a font. how serif and sans fonts are CREATED what software can pc users utilize?
    how to make a svg font like this one https://creativemarket.com/SamParrett/1984623-Avallon-OpenType-SVG-Font

    I can't find tutorials like these online anywhere. it be nice if there was a software that worked for pc users to create fonts but i can't find anything.
  • I forgot to mention id pay for a software that "actually works" and Id also pay for a video tutorial on it.
  • Try Lynda.com, especially courses on Glyphs App. Lynda costs $25 per month (or something like that), but you can try it for one month free. Speaking of software that works: FontLab 6 is absolutely amazing, but there are no courses and no educational resources for it (and yes it's quite complex). Actually, there's one on Udemy, but it's in German. Bit boring but very comprehensive.
    Glyphs App works great actually + all the courses are in English.
  • @Thomas Kast ya I Know there are no courses for it this is why I'm asking these wonderful font designers here too assist with a tutorial. You know how much money these people could make on youtube or one of those teach courses, I make about $100- $200 a month and a rarely upload on youtube, so imagine if they made a series about it. Its the one thing that's not on youtube. Id love to buy the software learn font lab 6 but again no tutorials out there. lynda.com is a horrible teach course the instructors are boring and too technical, plus they offer no real font creation tutorials and none on FontLab 6.
  • Matter of fact, I've recently e-mailed FontLab about this issue: the app is great, but there's no way to learn it. I got a response from Thomas Phinney (FontLab CEO): '(...) With the coming release of our 6.1 update this week, it is a reasonable time for somebody to make something like that moving forward.' By 'something like that' he means FontLab course.

    Maybe if you e-mail FontLab too, someone at this (otherwise great) company will move his or her a-ss eventually and create that freaking course. BTW - I told Thomas I'd gladly pay for the course if he offered it. I'm lucky I found one on Udemy. That said, not everybody speaks German, so yea, the problem persists...

    I used the company's official e-mail: info@fontlab.com
    I've been teaching graphic design and Adobe apps before, maybe I'll do a course on FontLab once I've mastered it... Thanks for a suggestion :)
  • ya there is a huge market there with literally no competition, lol. I will email him asap.
  • Still no tutorials, Im saving to get an ipad pro seems like its the only legit way to make fonts.
  • You need to make a SVG font as regular oft fonts can't handle the detail of watercolours. Fontself for photoshop does this and is the cheapest. If you cant work it out the guys who run it are really good at helping with troubleshooting.
  • I have both copies of font self for illustrator and photoshop neither work and no the owner has not provided tutorials or help. the program is useless.
  • It's worth asking the question, but how do people learn FontLab - trial and error? So far only Glyphs has managed to get tutorials out there...
  • If you want to turn your watercolor lettering into a font then you’ll want to use Fontself for Photoshop. Fontself provides a PDF with instructions on how to create a font and if you get stuck they are very helpful to help you along
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