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What an odd company

  • In an attempt to purchase a beautiful $21 font, magically, I was sent to PayPal where I was charged over $100 for that single font. Now, let's be clear, I got a $93 credit, but after repeated emails with the people run this "creative" market, I am stuck with a credit of $93. What is creative is not having the customers best interest at heart. What is creative is simply ignoring emails—wish i could do that with my bills. What is creative is calling yourself creative when your are first and foremost a business, a business that wants your money and apparently badly.
  • Randy, as an author on Creative Market, I can assure you that this site always values both its customers and contributors. If you believe something bad happened, I'm sure it wasn't a result of malicious intent. Have you tried creating a support ticket here? https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    I believe that support team will do their best to help you ASAP with this.
    Regarding the site credits, I think it was your choice to purchase it in the first place, because customers always have another option (credit card) available on checkout. You may have purchased a so-called Credits Package with a discount. Similar to items on sale or gift certificates in offline shops, this option may not offer a possibility of partial refund for obvious reasons.
    Again, I hope you and support team will find a good solution anyway!

    With respect,
  • @Randy Dunbar - Hey Randy! We're so sorry for the frustration that resulted from your purchase experience here. As @Alexander Kuzmin mentioned, we want all of our customers to have a great experience on the site, and what happened in your case wasn't the result of intentional dishonesty. It looks like my team member Jackie has answered your ticket already and provided more information. To clarify, when you make a purchase on our site, you can purchase the product directly with your credit card, or you can purchase a credits package (which is a little like a gift card) using a credit card OR PayPal. PayPal is only available for our credits packages. Credits packages aren't for everyone, but our customers who want to purchase more than one item do find them helpful.

    As this help file indicates, https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001644447-All-About-Creative-Market-Credits , we're not able to issue partial refunds for credits packages, but we can issue full refunds for unused credits. We've provided more information about how to help with that in your support ticket. We're happy to continue working with you on a solution there!
  • Thanks for the responses. First, Jackie Ha repeatedly sent the same message: "Yes, I understand that you purchased a $100 credits package and have used it to purchase and item, but as I've mentioned previously, per our Refund Policy, we do not provide refunds for partially used credits packages. In order to cover your purchase, you can purchase the correct credits package here. The smallest site credits package you can purchase is $20. Until you purchase a smaller package to cover your item purchase, I cannot issue you a refund for the $100 credits package. Once you've purchased the new credits package, please reply to this ticket and I can issue an immediate refund for original incorrect package." Am i crazy or is that suggesting that I buy a $20 package—whatever, the answer is oblique, complicated and not particularly a good answer. All i know is that I have a $93 balance, and while it is suggested that there were many layers in the Pal Pay process, that was not true, this purchase went through quickly without much confirmation. I notified Pay Pal and this company immediately—only to receive these curious solutions that I do not understand. So, do I have a partial credit, can i be refunded—so tiresome really.
  • Hey Randy, sorry you faced this. I have been a member of this site for years and a lot of newcomers complain about this exact issue - they want to purchase something but are redirected to buy $100 worth of credits. Its something that can easily be fixed by the developers on this website, but well they aren't doing that.
    Just a few example of people facing a similar issue with the payment process here:
  • Lana
    thank you—I thought maybe I simply didn't understand something. I see from the previous comments that this deceptive practice has been in effect for a while. Well "creative" market—SHAME ON YOU! I will be taking this up with Pay Pal and a lawyer just because it stinks so much.
  • Hi @Randy Dunbar - As we mentioned, we're more than happy to work with you in a ticket to arrive at a resolution. It looks like Jackie has explained a potential solution, but we didn't hear back from you in your ticket. In short, since we cannot refund partially used credits, our suggestion is to purchase enough credits to cover your product download (again, this is explained in this help file https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001644447-All-About-Creative-Market-Credits), and at that point we can gladly refund your original credits purchase.

    We're really sorry to hear that this process has been frustrating. As @Lana R mentioned, some of our newer customers have given us feedback about this process that has really helped us learn how they use it, so for several months, our product teams have been working on a fresh design for our purchase flow that we hope will make the process clearer. Currently this is an A/B test on the site that is not available to all users, However, we do want it to be clearer that credits aren't a required payment method, and we also want it to be clearer that direct product purchases can be made easily with a credit card. Since our goal for Creative Market's UX is to make the customer experience a positive one, it's our hope that future iterations of our purchase flow design will make the purchase process seamless and easy and remove any confusion for our customers.
  • Let's review: you say—purchase a credit for the amount, in my case that would be $21—you only offer credits of $20 or $50—once again, not clear what to do—if you care about service, stop this nonsense, I'm tired of writing so many bad reviews all over the Internet. To be clear, I am not buying a $50 credit in the "hope" that you will refund the original amount. You are not a trusted or valued company.
  • Again, @Randy Dunbar , we're sorry for the confusion that occurred in your case. This isn't what we intend for our customers. We've offered you a solution in your ticket and are happy to work with you to turn this experience into a better one.
  • it just goes on and on...
  • Randy, it's really not their fault you didn't read what you were purchasing.
  • I don't see how it's fraud when it's clearly user error matched with a site glitch. If you don't report the glitch, they can't fix it. But assuming they're doing this on purpose is a stretch. I hope they fix this issue for people like you.
  • Hey @Randy Dunbar, I understand this must be frustrating for you but I feel there is also some misunderstanding/miscommunication here. From what I understand, you'll have to buy a $20 credit package and they'll refund you the $100. You don't and shouldn't have to purchase the $50 package if you're not going to use the credits. I am sure CM can afford to give $1 off of the purchase. At least that's how it should be. I know you're having a hard time trusting CM but this is really the only option you have right now. And they are a trusted company so I really doubt they'll try to trick you. They're quick with the refunds, just give them a chance. :D
  • @Randy Dunbar I'm with you on the odd company part. It's totally f**ked up. I never heard of this dump till I seen it on my bank statement. A 50.00 transaction was made. Not ever hearing creative markests before nor approving a PayPal transaction for them I first did a PayPal dispute, then I had to do one with my bank card tied to it. Then I finally found a email address (because all I had tk
  • Haha they don't even have a f**king edit comment option... Anyway found these ass hats. Sent email they replied asking for my info that was used for purchase card # date amount etc.. and said they would figure it out.. been 4 days and nothing. So bank is locked down PayPal is locked down until I know how a transaction happened. On my way now to buy a prepaided debit card just to pay my light bill.... SMH. Odd is a nice way to put it I'd say shady AF... But it's ok I have a pretty good size socail media fan base and they have been hearing about it.. if smart my 1,000 + followers will avoid this place. Speaking of which I made this account just to figure out what I "spent" 50 bucks on... The sad thing is I still don't know...
  • Paul your info was clearly stolen by an individual, NOT the company. Also nobody cares about your "followers" lol.
  • Omg @Paul Kris III you totally miss the point here. This could easily be any company on the internet. Its you who probably was careless with your card details (or even got it stolen) and then you come blaming someone else! The guys that steal credit cards first always try to test it somewhere, so the first target probably would be some digital goods that can be easily obtained before the payment is blocked by the anti-fraud systems. Here's your answer.
  • This feels like some weird 'My nanna got on the world wide webs and doesn't know how it works' thing.
    @Paul Kris III , your Paypal info has been stolen - nothing to do with Creative Market.
    @Randy Dunbar there are more than one point before accepting the paypal transaction where you are prompted to choose the level of credit you want. Yes, it is set to $100 automatically (because that's the best value as you get Free Credit), however you are definitely given the opportunity more than once to select a lower credit amount. I know it sucks, but you might have missed it mate. It's not Creative Market's fault. Have a lovely day.
  • Hey friends! Thanks for all of your input here. Since we've already provided assistance to the customer in this specific instance, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. If you're reading this topic and notice an unrecognized charge from CreativeMarket.com, rather than creating a new thread, please contact us right away using our ticket form here https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and we'll be happy to work with you to locate and refund the unauthorized charge. We're unable to provide specific assistance in Discussions due to the sensitivity of the information involved.
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