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Please, help! I can't open shop

  • Make a larger variety of things.
  • I think your work is absolutely beautiful and deserves a space on creative market. I would guess that @Kaily Prince might be on to something and perhaps the staff are just hoping to see a few more varieties of products? I don't know! It surprises me that they would reject your application. I would just wait a week or so, maybe add another product or two, and reapply!

    Good luck :)
  • Thank you!
  • Hello Olga,

    Are you looking to sell your watercolors? Because all of the other items could be confusing to someone reviewing your portfolio (La cethup, landscape design).

    My feedback for the watercolors:
    - high quality - which is great
    - a lot of it seems to be ready made scenes - so how would designers use them in their own works. For example if you had a watercolor leaf set - then you would have 20+ individual leafs and plants that designers could use (mix and match) to create their own posters, website designs, etc.

    I think that might be the biggest problem - they are ready made scenes and not individual items to use. For example a more Creative Market friendly product related to your portfolio would be '20 Watercolor Christmas Sheeps'

    hope that helps
  • Your products look wonderful as well as the presentations.

    Here are a few tips to help you along.

    1. Open a Gumroad shop and link to the products at the bottom of every Behance presentation. Make a text Buy Now, link to the product and sell it there. Nothing to do with Creative Market, but maybe some people would buy right now, but they don't have the option to. You will also collect emails so you can market to people later, or offer some of your work as a freebie, and when you sort your products, offer them for sale then.

    2. As @Hatch Design Workshop said, you need to create a pack of items that designers can use to create their own scenes. You can then combine those elements into ready made scenes like you did, but give people the option to combine elements from those scenes.

    3. Create separate packs, and then offer a bundle. For example Pack 1 - Animals, Pack 2 - Christmas, Pack 3 - Sheeps etc. Then combine those packs into bundle and offer them for a reasonable price. Each pack should contain from 10 - 20 elements that designers can combine and in your pack presentation, describe that is what can be done with few examples.

    4. Be persistent. Some people get in from the first try, others need few applications, just stick with it because your work looks great, and should be accepted, you just need to pack and present it differently.

    I hope this helps.
  • Hello. I really like your work as well.

    Tray making a larger variety so people have more options to choose from. And of course, never give up! Change and make better whatever you can and then reaply. Be persistent!
  • get a etsy shop first. demonstrate your ability to sell your products.
  • Hej @Olga Tsypushkina I think your illustrations are super lovely! If you want I can give you a hand regarding the presentation and share some tips regarding products etc.. Let me know if you’reinterested and I’ll be happy to assist. :) Feel free to send me a PM here on Creative Market. :) Much love 💕
  • @Hatch Design Workshop Thanks for the advice! I realized my mistake and will continue to draw on my portfolio for the application for the opening of the store
  • @Web Donut Thank you, that detail have advised as me to do. I will try to do as you advised and Open a Gumroad shop . And also Create separate paks. and a little later I will apply for the opening of the shope again.
  • @Extreme Addons Thanks a lot)
  • @Pink Coffie Hello! Thank you for your feedback on my illustrations. I am very glad that you liked it) Yes, I am a newbie and I would like you to advise me something about my products. The only thing I can't understand is what PM means? If I understand correctly, can I ask your advice in messages?
  • I am very glad that so many people responded ))) I did not expect to get so much advice))) Thank you very much, you inspired me to work on and try to make better products.
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