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  • I have been working on a few new fonts in hopes of opening a store on Creative market. Based on various threads in this forum it seems like CM is very picky about who they approve for a shop. Based on this I want to make sure that I create fonts that are of high enough quality to be sold on this platform.

    How important is it to have multi-language characters?
    How important is it to have multiple styles/variations?
    Any other important components/tips you recommend to make your fonts high quality for CM?
  • Personally, all my font families cover all latin characters, so any language that uses latin characters (including all the letters that could have different accents on them) can use one of my fonts. But I don't support other character systems. I've never had an issue with that and I think it would be totally fine to just include most common characters (all punctuation, capitals, lower case, maybe some accented letters). I think having multiple weights is important and all my typefaces include at least three weights. However there isn't anything wrong with just having one weight, you just have to price accordingly since the buyer is getting less.
  • It's good to have multiple weights and styles to give customers for value. Also, after you're done with the fonts, don't forget to spend the extra time on the cover images.
  • I would spend time to make sure that you have at least enough latin characters for all the European languages. And spacing and kerning is very important as well! As different European languages use different letter combinations that we would not think of kerning because we don't have the same letter combinations in English. Good luck!
  • We feel that a variety of styles and weights are the most important and not as much multi-character. Also, numerical options are important. Other than the product, it is really the preview screens and how the product is demonstrated/displayed that will get you noticed. Good luck, new fonts are always great to see!
  • Just thought I would add my two cents:) Personally, I have always referred to the Unicode databases, they were created to provide some type of standard with regards to character sets. Living in Europe, I really believe that including basic accents is essential if you wish to cover most markets, these would be covered in the ISO Latin 1 set. A further expansion can cover the ISO 2, 3 & 4 that will include other accents found in Eastern European languages. Whether you choose to include all the mathematical signs is a more personal choice but certain distributors, like Myfonts, may require these characters.
    With regards to weights, I think, as has been mentioned, that this is a more personal question linked to your typefaces and intended uses. If you are creating a display style, then most users will probably only require 1 weight. However, if you wish to create a typeface that could be used for editorial design, branding or text passages, then obviously, a larger range of weights will be useful.
    On your last point, as other have stated, be sure to have a good basic spacing and kerning (classes can help depending on what software you are using), be sure to have clean, well drawn paths, that any Opentype features and such are working and make sure all the meta data and naming is correct for good uses in the various software your users may be using..
    Hope this helps a bit, good luck on the work!
  • Very interesting, I could ask to font designers what are the first steps to take and if there are good sites or blogs to read. I would like to experiment with the font design, I chose to use glyphs (good choice?) And I would be curious to know more. Thank you!
  • Hello Giacomo. I have seen there is a growing interest for type design, but unfortunately, I cannot really say there are any quick or easy steps to the learning. If you have the time, quite a few places around the world now offer actual Type design courses, they can range from 1 year to a few years (Reading, The Hague, etc). Online, a good forum would be Typedrawers.com were there are many well known type designers discussing the subject. I would imagine you can find a few web sites and blogs that maybe give some tips but I can't think of any now, unfortunately quite a few focus simply on promotion but with few actual design tips. Books are also a great avenue, you may find some more in-depth knowledge. For example, Reading Letters: Designing for Legibility by Sofie Beier was a lovely read for me:) I started type design many years ago and have learnt as I went along, which is quite a long process but one I find interesting. I guess my best bet would simply be to get out there and try make some typefaces, not so much for sale but just for yourself. Play with them, experiment, see how they work and perform in various environnements and medias. Learning through doing has always been an interesting process for me.. Display typography is the easier world as it is more experimental and allows you more areas to play, text typography is a whole other challenge but Display can lead to text. As far as software, I have heard very good things about Glyphs, I think they have been very proactive on making the software and making an accessible tool. I actually use FontLab and have for years, but I have often wondered about migrating to Glyphs. Both software are professional and offer certain pros and cons. I am pretty sure you can get demo versions of both to test. Have a look at the Glyphs website, I think they have quite a few tutorials and videos that can help understand the basics.. Hope this can help & good luck with your research!
  • Hi Michael, Thanks for your precious advice! Unfortunately I'm a full-time designer and I do not have time to attend classes, I would have liked it! I have to learn through the web or books. These days I will try to experiment and see what comes out. thanks again for your answer.
  • I don't know if I'm worth commenting on this. Because, I'm still learning about creating fonts. Honestly I am an autodidact. I'm not sure if my font is beautiful or not. But I enjoy it. I still focus on basic latin.
    I Think.. Just my opinion... ^^
    Multi language : it's actually important (minimal --> English, Spanish & Portuguese... hmm some of the most spoken language in the world right ! )
    Style and Variation : More is Valuable (minimal --> ligature)

    *Sorry for my bad English, I am using google translate hahaha
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