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My new product in 2019 + why do I never get handpicked?

  • Hi, hope you all having a great day/evening:)
    I would like to introduce to you my new greenery watercolor collection. I would really appreciate if you check it out and maybe give me some hints on why do I never get handpicked?:)
    Thank you all in advance
  • Hi @Ira Purdenko! I think you have a nice store:) Also I like your Watercolor Collection, good job! I, too, usually do not get handpicked, although I invest a lot in my products. I got there only once, to be honest, not with the best of my products. I noticed such a tendency that only fonts and graphics get there more often. I don't know by what criteria products are selected there:)
  • I've had a few products of mine handpicked, which has been great, but it hasn't exactly helped with sales. Been uploading products since early December, three handpicked, not a single sale - not really sure whether it's just the time of year, or if I'm making the wrong type of products, or if I need to improve the presentation of my work. All we can do is just keep trying and see what works :)
  • Thank you guys for the respond, I really started getting hopeless:D I believe that we have to do our best!:)
  • @Ira Purdenko spend more time in presentation - make them more exciting and tastier :)
  • @Ira Purdenko Hi Ira! Your product is really nice! Me too, I never got handpicked - but I see a reason: I'd better create more products rather than spend this time for a presentation of a single one... However, strangely, I am myself never inspired by the handpicked section - although there are tons of beautiful things here!
    Maybe we are just too different with CM team ;)
    Good luck in your art and sales!
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