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what kind of graphic that sell here?

  • hello everyone i hope you are all fine.
    like it show on the title i want to know what kind of items that clients buy in this marketplcae is it logos or UI or.....
    beacause i think that my products dont get any exposure maybe no one search for it or for other reasons .
    and another question for shop owners is what your monthly/yearly revenue (if you want ) and from how many items ,and what the kind of those items
    last thing i want to know what are the methods you use to get traffic to your shop .
    thank you
  • People who make decent money on here have paid to drive traffic. I don't pay to drive traffic and I made with all my shops combined etsy, hungryjpg creative market and my own personal website approximate 11,000 this was my 2cnd year the first year I made 1,200. Etsy and creative market are the only 2 places i feel are worth my times as hungry pig and other sites don't allow you to see who bought your item thus are more likely to be pirated. I have approximately 60 items. I don't advertise or generate traffic in paid methods. I post to my social media accounts and people find me there. I make about 1500-1800 a month from all shops combined currently.

    Creativemarket is the best place to sell digital items hands down.
  • As with all things in life, the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" applies with selling online too.
    I believe Creative Market is a great place to sell, but in order to drive traffic and reach more people, you'd have to build profiles across many platforms.
    To get a hint at what sells well on the website, you could look into the "Popular" tab on Creative Market's homepage. I believe Fonts, Mockups, Packs (resources, templates, brushes) sell pretty well, but then again... quality and exposure matters.
    Good news is: the more stuff you make = the better you get = the more you upload to your shop = the higher the chances of finding customers
  • Hello @Di prod!

    Actually I am new to Creative Market but I have much experience in Graphic Design field and I realized a few things about selling online:
    - First of all, I agree that Creative Market is the best platform to sell your works
    - You need to show people how they can use your product. You can do it with screenshots, mockups, ideas, video presentations.
    Simply show them your product in the way it can be used.
    - I visited your profile and saw that you represented really cool stuff with bright colors, but I think you should work more on representation of your products.
    For example, be more attentive to spelling mistakes and text, letters, pictures stretching. There were also some images with low quality:
    (maybe you did this on purpose so that your work is not stolen, i do not know :)
    - You should definitely work on your audience on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Dribble and maybe more.

    Overall, I think your profile has a great potential to grow!
    Good luck! :)
  • ALSO didn't realize you had a shop until I read the other person's comments. So i looked at your shop. You have a nice amount of products that are good, You have good design skills however ...You need products that solve problems, you need to pick colors that are currently in. You need to work on cover photos, presentation, and spelling. Please take a look at products on the front page of creative market as an idea of what people buy.
  • hi,@Photohacklovers com thank you for your reply and i appreciate sharing your story and revenue to help me have some expectations, and I'm glad you like my work.
    thanks again.
  • hello,@Tamara Saribekyan
    thank you for your valuable response,i will check the points that you mentioned :)
  • hi,@Neon Leon
    thank you for your valuable response i appreciate it :)
  • I agree with what the others said. Also, you could add some information about *yourself* to your profile. :)
    Not all of your (potential) customers may be active members of this community, but most of them are creatives, thus curious by nature, and many of them run small businesses just like we do. I think, many of them appreciate a rather "personal" approach and would like to know who they support by purchasing and who, in general, the person is they'll be talking to, if they might have a question or need some help with the product. Telling your customers (and us!) a little about you - e.g. your first name, why you love doing what you do, what you specialize in and offer, maybe where you are from and so on - would help making friends and building a "customer base" for sure. That's basically how and why social media works, too, so why not start "being social" right here? When I come across a fellow colleague, say, on Pinterest, I may recognize their logo or shop name first, but then I'm rather like "Hey, there's Charlotte! Haven't checked out her work in a while!" than "I've seen this logo before. I need to have a look at their shop!" :)
  • @Anja Kaiser lol charlottes right here! and @Di prod The key is to keep creating, I have products I spent months on that are some of my best work and they haven't sold then out of the fhen blue a year later they start selling. I have created some texture packs that to me literally 2 hours to make and have generated thousands and its real simple shit. Organically it takes time to get sifted at the top in "search" And its hard to translate Digital products that you are selling into a viral social media campaign lol. Also social media is a full-time job, so thats why lot of designers on here pay for traffic and they are mostly on Pinterest.

    Just be patient and keep trying to improve and don't get discouraged by others success one day you will ride the wave of the top page.
  • So many great suggestions here! Thanks!
  • @Photohacklovers com Thank you for sharing your experience. I find it very useful
  • Hi,
    I asked a similar question and had someone send me this link of an excel sheet on the top 100 selling items. Hope it helps.
  • thanks @James Dene
    this is great !!!
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