Daylight - A clean HTML/CSS theme

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Daylight is an easy to use, responsive and simple designed onepager website especially for designers, photographers and developers.

Why Daylight is awesome:
-Responsive grid
-Mobile friendly (iPhone, iPad, Android, ...)
-Fresh page animations
-Beautiful and simple design
-Wonderful fonts and icons
-Easy to edit (Instructions)

If you need help setting up the theme contact me on twitter (@dominikmartn).

Have fun with Daylight ♥


  1. Liz Hamilton

    Confirming Oskar's comment, I just clicked to view the link to view the demo and it shows a trojan virus.

  2. Liz Hamilton

    weird, my software program ESET Cyer Security - created an alert when I click on the link and move the content to my quarantined area - it found the JS/Kryptik.AMG trojan.

  3. Dominik Martin
    • Shop Owner

    No, there's no virus. Maybe it's because of the creativemarket preview. I'm confused. But I can ensure, that there is no trojan. Wish you a lot of fun using the theme :)

  4. dan.djorgi
    • Purchased

    You should consider to use plain readable, documented code in your preview page!
    The JavaScript unescape() function you used can cause all kind of weird false alarms and always looks suspicious! (people might think you have something to hide in your code ;-))

    Checking the sourcecode of a template is the first thing I do – Developers judge templates by the (well structured, semantic, and documented) source, not only by screenshots.

    I'd love to see your code, without using any unescape/decoder tool and before downloading any zip-files.

    However, nice and simple layout, thanks for sharing!

  5. Mark Ward
    • Purchased

    Could someone please link me to a well-made YouTube video describing how to turn such a nice HTML theme into a WordPress theme?

  6. Freddy Brown
    • Purchased

    Really nice and simple... but is it really infected with a trojan?

    [@Ken Weaver](user:199529) [@Liam McKay](user:3435)
    Can the Creative Market staff please check and confirm?

    So does that mean, using this template will cause false alarms across (many) other computers? (I am a newbie to coding, so please don't mind my "newbie" question.)

  7. dan.djorgi
    • Purchased

    @Freddy Brown:
    Only the preview page (which is hosted on the developers own server) seems to cause such false alarms, as the developer only used the JavaScript unescape() function in the preview.

    The source code included in the zip-file is plain readable HTML/CSS code (including comments), so there shouldn't be any trojan warnings using the template you download.

    Hope this helps,


  8. Janet Cole
    • Purchased

    @Charles Moore, thank you for the advice on "how to convert html to Wordpress". I found the link and it will be a real time saver for me! Thanks!

  9. Ken Weaver
    • Staff

    @Freddy Brown Checked with the team here and it looks like the designer here is using an obfuscation technique on the live preview page, which is similar to what some trojans use to obfuscate their code thus triggering the false alarm. @Dominik Martin You may want to change that.


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