Daylight - A clean HTML/CSS theme

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Daylight is an easy to use, responsive and simple designed onepager website especially for designers, photographers and developers.

Why Daylight is awesome:
-Responsive grid
-Mobile friendly (iPhone, iPad, Android, ...)
-Fresh page animations
-Beautiful and simple design
-Wonderful fonts and icons
-Easy to edit (Instructions)

If you need help setting up the theme contact me on twitter (@dominikmartn).

Have fun with Daylight ♥

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  1. Bek Cruddace

    Just accessed the demo without any issue and I have Norton installed which picks up the smallest risk.

  2. Freddy Brown
    • Purchased

    Ok, i just saw its source code and now I get it. Thanks for clarifying.

    @Ken Weaver
    Ok. I'm relaxed there's no actual trojan in there. :)
    But you guys also need to keep a check (or make some rules) regarding such stuff. And yes, did I mention, I love Creative Market. Gonna buy a plan soon!

    @Dominik Martin
    Nice work. Would love to see more from you.

  3. Ken Weaver
    • Staff

    @Freddy Brown Checked with the team here and it looks like the designer here is using an obfuscation technique on the live preview page, which is similar to what some trojans use to obfuscate their code thus triggering the false alarm. @Dominik Martin You may want to change that.

  4. Janet Cole
    • Purchased

    @Charles Moore, thank you for the advice on "how to convert html to Wordpress". I found the link and it will be a real time saver for me! Thanks!


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