Nueva York

Nueva York is a handmade font with a classy twist. This is a font I find myself hand drawing often and I thought it was high time I made a proper typeface out of it.

It's simple, it caters for many Latin based languages, its fun and its stylish and its $6, so quit moanin'.


  • Nueva York otf (400)


  1. Jessica Maybury
    • Purchased

    I am completely in love with this. My lordie! Now to shuffle out my credit card from my wallet without my boss noticing....

  2. Ed J Brown
    • Shop Owner

    Hey guys sorry I didnt notice your comments sooner.

    Maryam! Thats awesome, thats so much I really appreciate that.

    Cibele - I'm happy to be your first purchase on CM, do keep in touch


  3. Ed J Brown
    • Shop Owner

    Jessica thats awesome! Thanks for the compliment and the link. That is super and you are lovely


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