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About Creative Market Fonts

Welcome to the vibrant world of fonts at Creative Market! Our collection features over NaN fonts and font families, all meticulously crafted by independent artists around the world.

Imagine finding the perfect monospaced font with that retro pixel feel or the most expressive cursive for your social media graphics. Our catalog covers a wide stylistic range: from the traditional charm of retro and italic fonts to the endless possibilities of variable fonts, making us the go-to destination for unique font families that render beautifully on paper or screens. Need something specific like special ligatures or non-Latin characters for multi-language projects? We've got you covered! Aside from English, our catalog includes a wide range of fonts that support Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and many other languages.

Dive into this world of font styles with our expressive display fonts that exude character, flair, and texture, perfect for headings and making a statement. Creative Market fonts are available for licensing across different formats, including Desktop, Web, Epub, and App use. For larger projects, quickly get a quote from our Enterprise Sales team.

You will also find unique, accessible alternatives to popular typefaces like Helvetica or Arial and Futura. While different fonts, these alternative families offer unique flair and characters carefully crafted by foundries around the globe.

Once you've found the perfect typeface, complement it with our range of graphics, templates, textures, photos, videos, and themes. Always on the lookout for new fonts? Join as a member and enjoy up to 25% off everything on-site, plus monthly free Drops worth up to $1,000, including free fonts and more. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for design, where creativity meets convenience.

What Are Sans Serif Fonts?

Our curated font collection features clean sans serifs with crisp letterforms and impeccable legibility. From the neo-grotesque charm of Acherus to the humanist elegance of Tide Sans, each typeface makes a statement. Sans Serif fonts offer flexibility and a sleek aesthetic ideal for both headings and body text. For those who cherish the understated beauty of Swiss-inspired Enkel or the timelessness of Bebas Neue, our collection offers a sans serif for every need, whether for web design, print, or digital media. You will also find unique, accessible alternatives to popular typefaces like Helvetica or Arial and Futura.

Creative Market designers have created iconic alternatives to popular sans serif typefaces like Helvetica and Gotham. Our humanist sans serifs like Ariana and Compita offer readability and clean spacing, rivaling that of popular sans serif fonts like Calibri and Roboto. You will also find sleek geometric sans serifs like Sofia Pro and unique monospaced typefaces like Calling Code. Creative Market fonts adhere to the highest standards of typographic design, making them versatile for diverse applications in English and other languages. All of our fonts are compatible with popular design software like Adobe, Canva, and Affinity. Free fonts simply cannot match the flexibility of a well-kerned typeface licensed from a professional foundry.

Whether you're designing minimalist Microsoft documents or intricate design projects in an Adobe app, finding the right font is crucial. Our sans serif fonts, many of which include a range of bold and italic variants, ensure that your project stands out with its clarity and aesthetic appeal. From the clean lines of neo-grotesque designs to the warm, approachable character of humanist sans-serifs, our collection is a celebration of form and function, designed to elevate your creative projects to new heights.

Once you’ve found the perfect sans serif, pair it with an expressive serif font or a complementary template, graphic, icon, texture, photo, video, and more assets from our other categories – Creative Market is graphic designers’ one-stop-shop for design.

What Are Serif Fonts?

Our selection of serif fonts is a celebration of timeless elegance and typographic heritage. From the classic grace of Editor’s Note to the high contrast beauty of Analogue, our foundries offer a rich array of serif typefaces. Serif fonts, known for their decorative strokes or 'serifs' at the end of letterforms, contrast with the cleaner lines of sans serif fonts. This distinction adds a layer of sophistication and readability to your projects. These fonts are perfect for headings, body text, and everything in between, making them a staple in the world of typography.

Our collection includes old style serif fonts in the style of Garamond, imbued with a sense of history and tradition, and modern serif font options like Norman Fat, which offer a contemporary twist with their sharp, high-contrast features in classic Bodoni style. For those looking to blend the old with the new, our range of serif fonts also includes transitional and Didone classifications, like the Baskerville-inspired Marion and the refined Salinas. You’ll also find humanist serifs like Goldie and monospaced typefaces like Office Typewriter. These typefaces are perfect for both print and web font applications, bringing a touch of class to any design. We also cater to the needs of graphic designers looking for something more unique, like slab serif fonts, which blend the stability of serifs with the boldness of slab-like features.

Our serif fonts are not just about beauty; they are about functionality. Whether you’re crafting calligraphy-inspired designs with a dainty italic or working on retro-themed templates, our serif typefaces, which support Latin, Greek, and English characters, offer endless possibilities. Join us in exploring the world of serif fonts, where tradition meets innovation, and every letter tells a story. Fonts are more than just a typographic choice; they are a design statement. Make yours here!

Once you’ve found the perfect serif, pair it with an expressive sans serif font or a complementary template, graphic, icon, texture, photo, video, and more assets from our other categories – Creative Market is graphic designers’ one-stop-shop for design.

Which Font License is Right for Me?

A desktop license is the most common license and covers most commercial font usage. You can create graphic designs (logos, signs, etc.) and products (mugs, t-shirts, hats, etc.) for yourself, or your client(s). These are great for logos and branding, movie titles and captions, PDFs, cards, signs and print merchandise. Products may be sold for profit as long as the letters are not the main selling point of your product (like a house number or stamp set). Embedding fonts is not allowed with this license with a few exceptions (such as a PDF reports). All licenses on our site are perpetual, which means you pay once and use it forever.

Web font licenses address another common use case for customers - use on your website! This license allows you to embed font files into the CSS code on your site. Site visitors can then see and temporarily use your embedded fonts. Web font licenses are priced by pageview limits, essentially traffic.

Creative Market also offers app licenses and e-pub licenses. App licenses allow you to embed font files in app code. These are best for computer games, mobile apps, and web apps. E-pub licenses allow you to embed font files in e-publications and are best for use in ebooks or digital magazines.

Creative Market also offers Worry-Free font licensing for enterprise clients. Learn more about our enterprise business offerings here.

Still have questions about our licenses? Get more information about all of our font licenses here.