HandCrumb Toolkit #1

HandCrumbs is a 4-page vector toolkit of miscellaneous hand-drawn vectors. The download package comes with the 4-page .AI file, as well as each page broken out as it's own .EPS file (4 in total).

Beyond pairing the vector elements found in HandCrumbs Toolkit with some of my other hand-crafted typefaces, there are many other possibilities for what you could make, such as:

- Crafting quick hand-drawn patterns for web & print backgrounds
- Emphasize words or phrases with crafted background shapes or frames (pg. 1, 3)
- Highlight words or phrases with marker slashes (pg. 4)
- Blocking areas of web pages with drawn edges or dotted/dashed lines
- Embellishing text with elements flanking the sides or swooshes underneath
- Adding texture with small pen mark bits (pg. 2, 3)
- And many other creative uses where a hand-crafted look applies..

The hand-drawn elements will scale to fit a decent 8"x10" artwork size or 1000 pixel x 1000 pixel document.

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  1. Pete Rumple

    Thought you might say that. Lol.

    Cant really afford adobe just now although I have been playing with pixlr for some online edits and basic logo work.

    Thanks, Gerren for prompt reply.

    Love the site btw... packed with so much goodies!

  2. Pete Rumple

    What programme do you need to use these with, please? I'm just a newbie but they look so retro cool and the possibilities appear endless!



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