Vexture Kit #1

Vexture Kit #1 is a 3-document pack of scaleable vector textures. Each document (page) comes in .AI and .EPS file format, and contains a couple of textures each. The total number of textures in this kit is around 18 — some are larger swatches and others are smaller bits / edges / pieces.

These textures were created from dirt, grit, drawing scans, wood grains, and other tactile surfaces. The best use for them is for projects smaller than 8"x10" or 800x800 pixels.

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  1. j j

    can we create our own design and apply a texture to it within the simple license to sell later on to other corporations?

  2. Gerren Lamson
    • Staff
    • Shop Owner

    Jetlir - Send a message to us through the contact link at the top of the page, and we'll see what we can do.

  3. Jetlir Izairi

    Aww guy's, my German CC is not accepted, thought I can pay with it on all other websites.
    I want this vecture right now it is great :)