Preps, Cons, & Articles Lettering

Preps, Cons & Articles is a hand-crafted, vector lettering kit of popular prepositions, conjunctions, and articles (i.e. 'the' 'of' 'so' 'and' 'for' 'as' 'by' among others). There are 6 primary styles included in this kit, with a smattering of misc. extras at the bottom (see the large preview of screenshot #2 for the full kit). The files included in this product are an Illustrator CS2+ .AI and .EPS files.

These hand-lettered words pair well with other crafted fonts to create unique headlines, logotypes and lettering projects (see screenshots #3-#5 for examples). Most of them have been smoothed so that they scale well for pieces approx. 8"x10" (not recommend for large scale projects). They're easy to implement in web work if exported as an svg vector.

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  1. friskweb

    I think it's not fair to link to the other marketplace here, so please let me send you a PM. And one more time: you've made a great file! I lllove your style @Gerren Lamson.


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