Clean Interface Kit

Clean Interface Kit includes hundreds of hand-crafted interface elements that are ready to be used. The kit includes full vector components like buttons, tables, modal boxes, popovers, icons, navigation, menu, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, tooltips, sliders and much more.

Everything is included in a single Photoshop .PSD file into neatly organised groups and properly named layers.

-- Update v1.2 on 31st October, 2012
Added photo stacks, tags, new progress bars and tweaked a couple of elements.

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  1. Clare McCahill
    • Purchased

    Great resource, many thanks. Designers may not appreciate how useful these are until they have to sit down and create them from scratch. Like!

  2. Angel Dufault
    • Purchased

    Please excuse my naiveté.
    From the .psd file, how do you extract an individual component in vector format?


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