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The Unique theme is a translation-ready, magazine-style WordPress theme. Here's a list of some of its features:

* Custom magazine template.
* 6 layout choices.
* Integrates its theme options fully into the WordPress theme customizer.
* 18 highly-configurable custom widgets for several sidebars.
* 3 menu locations that use the WordPress menu system.
* Unique designs for all 9 post formats.
* Support for multi-author sites.
* Flexslider jQuery script to handle slideshows.
* Smart breadcrumbs that handles tons of permalink setups.
* Numbered pagination (instead of previous/next links).
* A powerful thumbnail/image script.
* Fully internationalized, so you can run the theme in any language.
* Image attachment script that prints image data (camera, focal length, etc.).
* And, much more!

**Dynamic and customizable**

The theme is extremely dynamic and bends to the user's desire. For example, you can use all three nav menus, one, two, or none at all. The theme will recognize this choice and work flawlessly. Sidebars work the same way. You choose how you want to use the theme.

You can even choose between 6 different layout styles (you can set these globally and on a per-post basis):

* 1 column
* 2 columns (content / sidebar)
* 2 columns (sidebar / content)
* 3 columns (content / sidebar / sidebar)
* 3 columns (sidebar / content / sidebar)
* 3 columns (sidebar / sidebar / content)

For code-savvy users, you can extend the layout system to create an unlimited number of layouts.


It was created with best practices and coding standards in mind. It'll be hard to find many themes built with the same attention to detail within the code. For users, this means you'll probably not run into conflicts with other code. The theme was developed to play nicely with properly-coded WordPress plugins.

Unique was built for the future of the Web. It uses best practices in HTML5 and CSS3. It also uses a number of future-proof techniques that will make it easy for me, the theme author, to extend it with new features in the future without breaking your site.

**Help and support**

Included in the theme is a file called "readme" in the "docs" folder with full instructions on using the theme.

If after purchase you need help beyond what's included in the theme instructions, you can register at http://themehybrid.com to use the theme's support forums. This is a community of over 30,000 people and includes support for all my themes and plugins.

**Who built the theme?**

The Unique theme was created and is maintained by Justin Tadlock. I am a developer with over 8 years of experience, a member of the official WordPress.org theme review team, and co-author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development.

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  1. Justin Tadlock
    • Shop Owner

    @Rosina Lippi

    How is this theme different from the free themes on your website? What advantages does it have?

    I don't consider it any more advantageous or beneficial in comparison to any themes I have, even those that are free. I don't sell crippleware or build a theme a certain way based on its price tag. I consider all my free themes just as good as the commercial ones.

    This theme is simply different from my other themes. It's no better/worse than my other themes. It has different features than others because it's just a different theme.

    Is a child theme part of the bundle?

    Not in the package, but you can grab one here:

    Are there any websites using this theme that a potential buyer can see?

    Here's a demo:

    I don't really keep track of other sites using the theme.

  2. Rosina Lippi

    Justin, a couple questions if you have a moment:
    How is this theme different from the free themes on your website? What advantages does it have?
    Is a child theme part of the bundle?
    Are there any websites using this theme that a potential buyer can see?

    Thanks for your help.