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Brisk is a bold grid based responsive WordPress Blog theme, ideal for a trendy news site, or beautiful personal blog. The no-nonsense approach to design features beautiful bold typography, big post images and a clutter-free layout throughout, allowing for an awesome looking blog straight out of the box!

✔ Google Web Fonts
✔ Fully responsive, beautiful at any size screen
✔ Icons powered by Entypo Icon Font (free) - no images used
✔ Easily customise & setup via WordPress' customization panel
✔ Theme uses just 8 easy to change colours
✔ Beautiful "Preview" area on Search results
✔ Beautiful "Preview" area on Category pages
✔ Clutter-free comments
✔ PSD Files Included
✔ Drop-down and widget support
✔ Quickly preview Tweets or Dribbble posts etc. inside a unique social drop down
✔ Always updated to work with latest versions of WordPress
✔ Works with a ZillaLikes for a quick and easy "like" system (free)
✔ Support included, just leave a comment

My advice would just be to try the theme out with the live preview. Enjoy.
Here's a quick guide about how to install a Theme if you are new to WordPress:

✔ Updated to fix the misaligned category tag on mobile. Made most sense to remove the tag at that size.


  1. Nick Cobb
    • Purchased

    How do you disable full posts from displaying on the homepage, as in the demo?

    Also, any plans on adding full-width templates for pages and posts?

  2. Liam McKay
    • Staff
    • Shop Owner

    @Nick Cobb It's not a case of disabling anything, you just need to add the "more" tag in your posts when you write them up. This button: - Place that where you want the text to end on the front page preview.

    I'm sure we can look at a full-width version too. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Nick.

  3. DougPete

    When a gallery is used in this theme, can the images click through to full posts rather than a "lightbox"? I like having images with text and a URL that can be passed around. Thanks for your time.

  4. Spencer Finnell

    Doug, it shouldn't be going to a lightbox unless you have another plugin installed that would be adding that behaviour.

  5. Mark McEwan

    Hey Liam, great theme, Is the social share a WP plugin or was this developed by you ? [the Share button, then facebook and Twitter]

  6. Daniel Petre

    very nice theme, unfortunately on iPhone portrait navigation the categorie text over the image gets cut off on the lower middle..

  7. Daniel Petre

    also could use a "go to top" little arrow on each post so when browsing many posts i can easily go up fast to open search.. or maybe a floating arrow up when scrolling down..

  8. Steve Green

    Hi Liam just to let you know the issue with the categories not being visible on the iPhone is a problem on the iPhone 5 & 3GS which I have tested . When do you think this will be fixed?


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No, this theme can only be installed on your own self-hosted Wordpress site.