Tasreeh, Arabic Typeface

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Translated from Arabic, the word "Tasreeh" has multiple meanings between statement, permit or announcement. Tasreeh is an Arabic font and it is suitable for publications and news beside other commercial designs. The letter anatomy of the font Tasreeh is well structured within three levels of grids. It is composed of curved segments combined with sharp edges and all the dots are in equal volume. The unique look of the characters develop a special expression of the text importance without losing the aesthetic touch of both words and phrases

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  • Tasreeh otf (400)
  • Tasreeh otf (700)


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  1. bananasundea

    I haven't bought this yet, but just wanted to say wonderful job! Very clean and aesthetically pleasing. Ktir hilo! ;) Actually, all your Arabic typefaces are beautiful. Great job and keep up the amazing work!