Arabigram Typeface

Inspiration by old Chinese Tangram encouraged me to design an Arabic font which is based on the same concept where shapes are developed through connections of squares and triangles creating endless possibilities of compositions. Arabigram was the result of that interesting experiment. It is a decorative font that is built on a similar dissection concept as Tangram with a strong emphasis on the visual identity of Arabic characters. Arabigram is suitable for branding as well as multimedia and advertising.

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  • Arabigram otf (400)
  • Arabigram Outlined otf (400)


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  1. Mostafa El Abasiry
    • Shop Owner

    Ah! In this case your program doesn't support Middle Eastern languages I suppose.
    I can email you a template that you can use it to write in Arabic.
    How would you like to receive it, on email?

  2. Rizki Ramadhani

    i've try the steps, yes it's work to write an arabic, but it spell from left to right, it use to be right to left, and it didn't connected between character like general arabic text,

    how i resolve that problem, i need to use your font anyway.

  3. Mostafa El Abasiry
    • Shop Owner

    It should work with Mac.
    If you do not have an Arabic keyboard, here is how to use an on-screen one:
    You will need to first add the Arabic language in Preferences > Language & Text > Select the Arabic language from' Input sources to use' list.
    Then > from the language menu bar > choose Arabic then > "choose keyboard viewer"
    This will allow you to use Arabic on your mac.


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