Vintage Texture Pack Vol. 2

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Tutorial on using these textures:


The Vintage Texture Pack Vol. 2 is here! This pack is something really special with 45 high resolution textures taken from actual vintage etchings. Many of these textures have soft edges that allow your designs to get a soft, vintage look that other harsh texture packs cannot achieve.

If you enjoyed the Vintage Texture Pack Vol. 1, then this pack is a must have addition. Countless hours of sifting through books and scanning the best finds in were spent, and followed by cleaning every texture up in photoshop. These textures are sure to give your designs a unique look that will stand apart from the crowd.

Key Features:
•45 Textures
•300 DPI
•15" x 15"

The larger images shown are detailed shots of some of the smaller swatches shown above them; they are not additional textures.

*Please note that the swatches shown display the ENTIRE texture at a greatly reduced scale.

You can find Volume 1 here:


  1. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    @PaperDahlia Yes, I left them just jpegs because the size would become really huge if I made them in a transparent format.

    I did make this video a little while back though about how to quickly pull the color using channels in photoshop, and since these are (I think) almost all grayscale, it's a super quick process as there is only one channel to pick from.

    Hopefully that helps!

  2. Mel Rodicq
    • Purchased

    These are great textures. really good quality. The only thing i wasn't expecting is that each preview swatch shown above is the WHOLE texture, not just a section of it. Thus, even though each file is 15" square, the texture looks too big when, for example, it is overlayed on a photograph

  3. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    Hey @Mel Rodicq, thanks for the feedback, I definitely appreciate it!

    Just a quick trick to try that may or may not help you..really depends on the texture at hand. (requires photoshop CS5 or above I believe)

    While keeping the texture flat (with the white background still on) - have you tried reducing it to roughly the size you want to use it as on a photo and then doing this:

    Make sure the canvas is as big as you want the end texture to be with the reduced size texture inside it. (As a side note, make sure no art extends past the visible boarder of the makes this act all funky)

    While on the layer with the texture, make a marquee selection roughly 10% away from the edge of the texture (on the inside of the texture)

    Invert the selection

    Run Fill ----> Content Aware (I think this is photoshop CS5 and above).

    It will take a little bit, but many times it actually does a pretty darn good job of replicating the texture quite accurately. Hopefully that will work on some of what you want to accomplish.

  4. lizi ziv
    • Purchased

    it looks good in your example but ehen i am trying to do it on text it does not look good do you have any advice?

  5. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    hey @lizi ziv , I totally didn't see this comment before! Sorry about that.

    I would try resizing the texture over the type so it doesn't look too large as a first step, and secondly I would consider putting another layer of type below the texture layer, and either make it a little bit darker or a little bit lighter than the original. That will definitely make things more subtle if that's what you're trying to achieve.

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