Mega Banner & Badge Pack

This pack is MEGA to the core, and is sure to be super-handy when putting together vintage inspired designs. These elements are ready to have text added to your hearts desire, and can be modified and adjusted as needed to suit your needs! Just stretch them out (I would suggest using the direct selection tool in AI) or stack them up! Be sure to add color once your layout is done to really bring these to life! (see example images for inspiration!).

Beginners will be able to quickly set up great looking files, while advanced users can stretch, stack, and combine these elements to make totally original and fantastic things!

Key Features:
• 69 Total Elements!
• Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and Photoshop Files Included!
• Photoshop file has all items as separate smart object layers so they can be scaled without loss of quality!
*Please note, I included the photoshop file for those without illustrator, but illustrator or other vector programs will allow for maximum ease of use when modifying.

Font used for presentation (NOT INCLUDED):

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Melissa Johnson
    • Purchased

    These banners are great. Nice and flexible, with a lot of choices. The smart object template is killer.

  2. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    No problem @Crucible Smith, happy to help! I also updated the file located on Creative Market so there is a Photoshop Elements friendly version included now as well =)

  3. Crucible Smith
    • Purchased

    Thanks so much for the quick response and for resolving the issue Matt! Looking forward to working with these!

  4. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @Crucible Smith I will definitely look into this for you, that's very odd. I am not at home right now so I cannot look at it, but as soon as I get home I will dig into the file and see what I can do.

    Some quick things to try - try to rasterize the layer in photoshop (right click --> rasterize (control click on mac)) and also make sure that the layer isn't locked for some reason.

    Although the folders not being able to be opened is super strange. If either of those things dont work, would you mind e-mail me at mattborchert [at] so I can try to work this out with you?


  5. Crucible Smith
    • Purchased

    Hi, just downloaded and opened the files - great tool! BUT the .PSD file is un-editable and the folders cannot be opened. There's a pencil with a line struck through it, meaning you can't edit and use what's in each folder (banners, shields, ribbons, etc). Can you please fix this or let me know how i can use the .PSD file properly. Thank you!