Abolition Family

Abolition is a condensed sans that’s got a knack for propaganda posters and industrial buildings. It’s a highly modified sans-serif version of Bourbon (http://crtv.mk/qDwg) with some new surprises.

The typeface underwent an extensive revision in December 2013, and if you’re interested, you can check out what’s new about it in this here post (http://holdfastfoundry.com/refining-abolition/).

The download includes 10 OTF files: Regular, Round, Soft, Rough, and Lines along with their corresponding oblique version. Features include: Stylistic Alternates and Multiple Language Support.

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  • Oblique otf (400)
  • Abolition otf (400)
  • Abolition Soft otf (400)
  • Abolition Round otf (400)
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  1. Mattox Shuler
    • Shop Owner

    Hey @Joshua Powell, thanks for your feedback. I went in and checked it out and everything seemed okay. Did you find any issues when you were using it? Sometimes Apple's Font Book acts weird because of font caching issues, so I'm wondering if that's what happened. Thanks.

  2. Joshua Powell
    • Purchased

    Your kerning shifts from round to soft oblique, in looking at the shift, it appears the "soft oblique" was the one not corrected as all the others appear to share the same kerning. Might want to update this package again by correcting that. At least that is what apple's font book is showing.

    Thanks, very cool font family.

  3. Selim Mete
    • Purchased

    Love it, the needed update not only fixes the font but improves upon it big time, many thanks.


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