HDR Image Enhancers

HDR Image Enhancers

These stunning photo effects help to brighten your images, saturate them, and even make them pop! Sometimes subtle effects go farther than you think! Test these today to take your average photo to the next level of photography.

Included Actions:

Color Lift #1 | Color Lift #2 | Deep Saturate #1 | Deep Saturate #2

Photo Credits:

Astragony | http://www.flickr.com/photos/astragony/

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  1. Taylor Johannesen
    • Purchased

    These definitely go in my top 10 favorite photoshop actions. Color Lift 1 & 2 are absolutely perfect for the dark and muted photos. Now I don't have to throw away a lot of photos that I love, but are just too dark. These actions save them. Love them. Thank you, Mike Maloney.