Newspaper Template - compact/tabloid



Popular Compact aka Tabloid -size (279 x 432 mm / 11 x 17 inch) template for Adobe Indesign CS4+

Very thoroughly constructed with master pages, grid guides and styles. Template is divided to different sections, and each section has separate assigned color theme. This makes the template easy to edit and to add more pages if needed.


  • Adobe InDesign CS6 template (.INDD) // Main file
  • Adobe InDesign Markup template (.IDML) for legacy users CS4, CS5, CS5.5
  • Print quality PDF (no photos)
  • Used icons and elements Adobe Illustrator EPS-10 file

IMAGES NOT INCLUDED. Photos in previews are not included. These are used on for illustration purposes. Template has empty slots where you can import your own pictures.


Free high quality fonts used, you can download used fonts here:

If you want to use Font-Folio fonts instead, I would recommend Minion Pro (serif) and Helvetica Neue Std Ltd (sans-serif) for base texts.

BTW - Document is also relatively easy to change to a different paper size, for example to 279 x 400 mm tabloid.


Thank you :)

PS. Looking for broadsheet size? Here it is:

PPS. You might be also interested in my brand new Print advertiser toolkit. It's a package containing useful elements for creating advertisements easily. You can find it here:

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  1. Mikko Lemola
    • Shop Owner

    Hi guys. Just wanted to clarify: Adobe Indesign CS4 or newer is required to use this template and .INDD-file is the main file (CS6) and .IDML-file is legacy for CS4, CS5, CS5.5.

  2. Mikko Lemola
    • Shop Owner

    Hello Chuck. At minimum, you will need at least the Adobe Indesign CS4 software to use this template and at least basic knowledge of the Indesign-software is required. Hope this helps! Yours, Mikko

  3. Chuck Thompson

    im such a new be i have to ask the question ? do you need adobe to do the editing? how does that all work?

  4. Mikko Lemola
    • Shop Owner

    Hello Gabriel, yes you can use it in indesign CS5.

    Template is made with CS6 (.INDD-file) and there's also legacy version (.IDML) for CS4, CS5, CS5.5.

  5. Mikko Lemola
    • Shop Owner

    Hi Albert, here's a link to an excellent InDesign tutorial about Master pages, could this be some assistance,

    Can you see Master pages at your InDesign Pages-panel? There's a screenshot of Pages-panel at the tutorial, if you see those, you should also be able to see "Guides and Layout" Master too. Could it be possible, that in your InDesign those Master pages are hidden by default, and needs to be "dragged visible"?

    And ofc you still have problems, please feel free to contact me via Creative Market message system, easier to proceed from there than in this comments section :)

    - Mikko

  6. Albert Fullard
    • Purchased

    Hi Mikko, thanks for the reply. Still lost I dont see Guides and layout under the pages windows even with a right click...


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