You & Me (Vector)


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  1. Gunsen P

    I was thinking same Dan.... It's just supply and demand. If someone has similar cheaper will go elsewhere. Love your work though :) 8 dollar price point more accurate

  2. Kimby

    I think this seems like a fair price for a quality set of original and on trend vectors. I hope it sells well :)

  3. Dan Butcher

    Sarah, I agree that they are lovely--I like the entire set a lot. And my goal isn't to drive prices down (though I understand that my comment could be taken that way). Rather, I was observing that this set of vectors doesn't seem to be competitively priced with similar work here at If LaRue can get $20 for this set, that's great--and perhaps other designers are selling themselves short at the $8-$10 price point.

    update: I just clicked through to look at LaRue's other work, and I see that this set of images is also available as clipart for $8. So perhaps the other work I've found in that price range is also clipart and not vector--and this is indeed competitively priced.

  4. Sarah Mick

    This is really lovely work, and we shouldn't be encouraging designers to drive prices down. I find these to be well-worth $20. If others want to undercut them, I find it to be their loss. Carry on, LaRue! Cheers all!