For Fun Icon set

For Fun is a set of 19 unique icons and 16 variants.

This is a very unorthodox set in that I had no specific target in mind when I started them. I just wanted to make a set that was fun and different. Even their size is a non-standard 18x18 pixels (of pure fun!).

They are packed with character and detail and I have no doubt someone smart like yourself can find an interesting use for them. I'm even using one in my shop banner! Just in case though, I made a few displays to give you some ideas. I'm sure you won't need 'em though.

19 unique + 16 variants = 35 total (awesomeness!)
18x18 pixels (pfft, who needs vectors)

* Those two other images are only mind cookies. Only the 35, 18x18 pixel icons are provided with purchase. But you knew that already.

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