Hi-Res Subtle Grunge Vector Textures

I know you. You instill tactile nuances in your designs. You know that there's nothing like the feel of hand made. Your work gives an approving nod to the subtleties that breathe life into the cold digital. For you, there's nothing quite like that oh-so-faint hint of texture that says "Oh yeah. You know you want to touch this." Maybe you've worn out your favorite set. Possibly you never found any that were quite perfect. This set is for you.

For me personally, I wanted something that was original and my own. I wanted high resolution textures that would liven my digital work while providing the flexibility that only vectors can give. Primarily, these allow me to distress my vector illustrations and lettering, keeping the files ready to go for my printer.

These textures were sampled from many different surfaces, then tweaked and adjusted by hand for some very unique results. The edges are feather distressed, so you don't have to worry about any hard edges. Each vector is made from a source measuring in at 2000–3000px in width. While you can certainly use them at this size, the default scale of the vectors is sized down from this for a more subtle application.

Looking for rasters? My buddy Liam McKay has a fantastic set of subtle grunge brushes: http://crtv.mk/p3ft

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  1. Sean McCabe
    • Shop Owner

    Hey @Brook Gossen, I recommend using the Pathfinder windows and Minus Front tool. Since it's not a brush, you use it like you would any other shape.

    For instance, say you have a solid word set in a bold font. Convert it to outlines so you have a shape. Now copy one of the texture shapes and paste it in front of your word. Select both objects and use Minus Front on the Pathfinder window to "punch out" the texture shape. Hope this helps!

  2. Brook Gossen
    • Purchased

    Hi, I purchased these a while ago and am finally getting around to using them.... I usually use photoshop for texture, so am not sure how to use this file in illustrator. I opened the file and copied the texture I wanted into my art board. I tried making a clipping mask to apply the texture to some lettering but it doesn't seem to be working... can you please let me know how to use them best? Thanks!

  3. Steph Faye

    I have CS4 and have used the CS4 compatible version which is pretty much the definition of awesome. I love being able to use these as art brushes right in Illustrator rather than having to jump back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator to achieve a textured look. The price for this file is mind boggling considering what you get. Seriously. You should stop reading the comments and just buy this already.


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