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PLEASE READ: This will only work in the OLD version of CS6 if your using cloud CC do not buy this product, I have discounted it massively as it is no longer supported in the new Cloud cc or Cs6

Read the Review on Drawn:

I use it everyday and it is so great compared to what adobe gives you to work with, it saves you time and brings just awesome results to your work. If your a designer who works with text a lot this will be the fastest way to look and find what you need.

You can save your fav combos of type that fit together nicely and just call on that list no matter how many other fonts you have.

Try it, love it and share it.. yes sharing what works for you just makes every ones life better.

This will also work in cs 5.5 after you upgrade the extension manager. -- Here's 6 cool things it can do:

• Preview your system fonts in a visual way • Shortlist fonts you would like to use for your projects • Save font sets so you can filter fonts you used for a certain project or regularly. • Change the font size for the preview. • Preview in two modes, list view & box view. • The plugin is very fast and responsive.

Not sure if this product is for you? Wondering if you'll get good use out of it?

You should buy this product if:

• You work with fonts a lot or have many fonts installed. • You want to find the right font quickly. • You don't want to spend hours looking for the right font. • You make a lot of logos and mock-ups for clients. • You would like to save time while finding the right font.

You should NOT buy this product if:

• You have lots of time to apply fonts and try each one. • You like trail and error picking from adobe's font list. • You don't like plugins because they seem technical.

This product was made to solve a problem I faced on a daily basis with finding and filtering the right font for the project, there are font programs that can do this but its a pain to flip between two programs while working in Adobe. -- Adobe Cs6 works in Ai, Ps, Fw and iD

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  1. Sara Rempelos
    • Purchased

    Any plans to update it for CC 2015? I bought it and LOVED it...then I went and upgraded. *now kicking rocks...* (brilliant job on this plugin though...)

  2. Juan Guevara
    • Purchased

    Hello! I just bought Preview Fonts Cs 6 BOGO, you have this promotion message "-------- For a Limited time if you buy this product you get any other one from my store ------" What other products from your store can I get?

  3. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    It will not work in Photoshop 14 as Adobe has disabled flash plugin, that is what I said it was for cs6 only

  4. Olli Mil

    Hello again,

    I bought your plugin at Feb 14, 2014 during the limited period.

    Why it doesn´t work , I asked you at the 21.02.14 for a working CC version.

    I asked for a working version by pm and you sent me an updated version by email at the same day, but this version, wich I havn´t tested before, doesn´t work too - it was the version 1.0.0.

    Why should I now by another one? And why do you sell a version like this?
    I think this is worthless if you don´t support it.

    By the way, thanks for your "comment" above, I´m working with legal CC PS / lightroom version ... updated.

    Another thing ... all extension I bought on this platform are working well ... but yours.



  5. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    @Ollimil Please purchase the CC version, it was free for a limited time, not for the date you purchase it. The CC version works fine for hundreds of people who have purchased it, it will not work on pirated version of CC and will not work if you have not updated the softwares.

  6. Olli Mil

    Hi again,

    months later ;) but still the same problem.

    I didn´t use it till know, but now I need it.

    You sent me a version that doesn´t work in CC?!

    Thanks Olli


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