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PLESE NOTE : Adobe CC version is here:

This will also work in cs 5.5 after you upgrade the extension manager. -- Here's 6 cool things it can do:

• Preview your system fonts in a visual way • Shortlist fonts you would like to use for your projects • Save font sets so you can filter fonts you used for a certain project or regularly. • Change the font size for the preview. • Preview in two modes, list view & box view. • The plugin is very fast and responsive.

Not sure if this product is for you? Wondering if you'll get good use out of it?

You should buy this product if:

• You work with fonts a lot or have many fonts installed. • You want to find the right font quickly. • You don't want to spend hours looking for the right font. • You make a lot of logos and mock-ups for clients. • You would like to save time while finding the right font.

You should NOT buy this product if:

• You have lots of time to apply fonts and try each one. • You like trail and error picking from adobe's font list. • You don't like plugins because they seem technical.

This product was made to solve a problem I faced on a daily basis with finding and filtering the right font for the project, there are font programs that can do this but its a pain to flip between two programs while working in Adobe. -- Adobe Cs6 works in Ai, Ps, Fw and iD


  1. Ekkoj
    • Purchased

    Works pretty good, the only setback is you cannot actually apply the font to your document from this Font Preview.

  2. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Thanks Ekkoj, sorry about that, its very hard to do that across several application like this does, as they all use different methods of selecting and applying fonts.

  3. Alex Grachov
    • Purchased

    Looks promising. Is there any chance that in further versions there'll be an ability to apply fonts from this plugin? It would be nice at least for PS

  4. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Yes, Alex I will upgrade it for Photoshop as that seems the most wanted place even though I mainly use it in flash. the challenge is every application applies the font differently so that is why this version does not have that. All upgrades to this product will always be free, as I will just update this listing with it. thank you for your support and encouragement.

  5. Alexander Wong

    Hey Simplex, looking forward to have the update for PS. I do a lot of UI mockup in PS and would be great if you could take the time to allow us to apply the font style directly from your plugin. Nevertheless awesome work. :)

  6. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    I will release a photoshop only version with the apply font feature as it does not work across the different softwares and each would need their separate plugin.

  7. Tali Walt
    • Purchased

    I'm waiting for the Photoshop version that applies fonts before I purchase. Can you give me an idea of when it will be out?

  8. Rick Wetzel

    Can you preview fonts that are not installed on the system? I have thousands of fonts and this is the piece that is missing

  9. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Hi Rick, I'm sorry you can't do that yet, I will be making version 2 in the next year, as adobe cc has changed things so much and I will need to rewrite this from scratch for the new features.

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions Christian I will add it to the list.

  10. Rebecca Bossi
    • Purchased

    Hello! I can't seem to be able to install it in Photoshop CS5 (I'm using the extension manager). I have a 32bit version, could this be the problem? Or should I install it without using the extension manager?
    Sorry, it's my first time trying to use an extension...

  11. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Sorry @Pasku It says in the product infothat it does not work on CC, I will update it once I get CC for now I don't have it.

    Now I have the CC version in it

  12. Rebecca Bossi
    • Purchased

    @Simplex Opera: thank you so much! It worked perfectly fine, and I love the extension! It's exactly what I was looking for since I first started working with PS. Awesome work! *thumbs up*

  13. Jessica Mezo

    Very cool. Will definitely purchase when I update my PS. Does it work with the Windows version as well?

  14. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @Deana Zelinova I now have the Adobe CC version, its free with this version but I'll be moving it to a separate product as it only support photoshop and illustrator.

  15. Olli Mil


    after installing the CC version only a white frame appears.

    No problems during the installation process.

    Using PS in german language.



  16. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Please download the latest file and try again, I had this problem with some users and I updated the file to fix it, its an update in Adobe CC which caused it.

  17. Simplex Opera
    • Shop Owner

    Please wait for sometime before downloading the new file, the server says its processing the file so it may have not updated it on the main server.

  18. Olli Mil

    Hi again,

    last week you offer this for both versions, CS6 and CC, In the download file is now only a version I could not install with CC?

    How ca I get the CC Version?




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