Photocopy noise texture pack

This texture pack is currently part of The Master Bundle, over at InkyDeals:

Get over $9,750 of typefaces, textures, vector assets, mockup templates, and more, for only $79.

These six textures have been lovingly crafted with an old laser copier with an increasingly faulty drum and toner combo, and a flat-bed scanner.

Each textures are scans of individual prints of a black document. They each have subtle variations in the dust and noise patterns, making them unique. The last texture of the set was the last print the drum and toner agreed to generate before giving up.

The whole set weighs just shy of 160 Mb, and each images are around 4750x6300 pixels @ 600 dpi.

Noise and dust textures are perfect to add a subtle depth to your designs. Using them is very simple: just switch your layer's blending mode to "Screen," and play with the opacity slider.

Learn a few of the ways to use these textures by following these tutorials I wrote:

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