Labels & Decorative Vectors

Labels & Decorative Vectors Pack includes:

- 1 Ai file with 55 vectors figures full editable.
- 1 Eps file with 55 vectors figures full editable.

Perfect for decorate text or phrases, animations,
infographics, blogs, invitations, banners, cards and more!

Dont be shy, just play!

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  1. Tasana Owen-Minshew
    • Purchased

    I just purchased and realized I don't have the AI or EPS program. Is there any other format you can send it to me in?

  2. friskweb

    @Miguel A. Gonzalez Mejido To do this, you can set the bought ribbon, put the text on it and then select a text and cut this shape on a ribbon. If you want to reveal it simply, do it on the mask.

    Hope it helps and that Tomodachi don't get me wrong ;). Cheers!


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