WebZap - Web Dev Photoshop Plugin

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WebZap is a web developer panel extension for Adobe Photoshop that is designed to help streamline the design processes undertaken by website user interface designers during the mock up and wire framing phases of web site development.

You can view some preview videos here: https://vimeo.com/groups/162979

WebZap requires Photoshop CS5 or above (Mac & Windows).

Bonus Plugin - WebZap now comes with a free copy of our Photoshop plugin Refill Readr.

If you need help getting up and running? drop by our support forum for additional help: http://support.uiparade.com/

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  1. Dean Morgan

    I recently purchased this plugin directly from the developers website but have had no luck at being able to install on Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. I created a support ticket on their website but have not received a response so I have decided to post here hoping that someone see's this and can help me. Here are the steps I have taken so far:

    I downloaded the zip file from their site, extracted it and tried to install the ZXP file using Adobe Extension Manager CC. This didn't work so I did some research looking into the issue and found that the Extension Manager doesn't work for Adobe CC 2015 apps and has been dropped altogether.

    I renamed the ZXP file to a ZIP file and extracted the contents. Within the extracted files was another file again named WebZap.zxp so again I renamed this and extracted the contents. I now had 2 folders with different sets of files in each one. After some research I found some info about how to manually install the extension.

    I copied all the files extracted from the second zip folder to the following location;


    And I copied the folders and files from the original extract (including the WebZap.assetts folder) to the following;

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Plug-ins\Panels

    I came to this decision by installing the extension on an older machine with CC 2014, and checked which folders and files had been placed where.

    Now I am finally able to get the extension to appear within Photoshop CC 2015 however I am getting the following error;

    'The WebZap extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed'.

    Can anyone please help me out with this as I did some research before I purchased and all the documentation pointed towards this plugin being compatible with CC 2015. If it is not, then I will be extremely disappointed.

  2. Shirley Xu
    • Purchased

    For Windows users, the installation is slightly different for CC 2015. After you have launched PS as an admin and followed the directions in the readme and installed the program, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions and cut the folder named "com.cazoobi.WebZap". Next, go to C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions (xxx being your username) and paste the file there. It should work then!

    I hope that helps~

  3. Norm sheeran
    • Shop Owner

    zxp is no longer supported by Adobe they dropped it 3 weeks before CC2015 came out so this is currently my workaround until a better solution presents itself. If you are on windows you must right click the PS icon and select run as admin.


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