1500 Vector Icons - Minicons

1500 Vector Icons for Designers, Developers and Project Managers.

The Ultimate Premium Icons Pack for Web professionals
· Ready to use PNG, from 16px to 256px
· Customize icons from Vector Source files: Illustrator, Photoshop, .PDF or .EPS
· All the icons are carefully designed on a 16 pixel grid : they have consistent proportions and stay readable at small sizes.
· All the icons you needs for Web Applications and Websites, including the main social network logos: Twitter, Facebook, GitHub...
· Easily the icons you need among 22 different categories
· Work faster using the Photoshop custom shapes and Illustrator symbols panels
· You can use the premium icons in templates that you resell, like ThemeForest or Wordpress themes.
· Easy to include in your favorite wireframe applications: Keynote, Powerpoint, Omnigraffle
· Customize icons from Vector Source files: Illustrator, Photoshop, .PDF or .EPS 1500 vector PDF files. Each icon as an unique file that you can rescale in any wireframes application

Easy to use with your favorite software
· Photoshop Custom Shapes
· Illustrator Symbols
· Omnigraffle Stencils
· Keynote Slides
· Powerpoint slides
· Pdf, Eps Vector files
· Png pixel files

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  1. Oak Kim

    These are pixel-aligned at 16x16, so they are easily scalable to larger sizes without having to tweak them. More usable than I initially thought.

  2. Michael Kelly
    • Purchased

    Minicons is great. The Omnigraffle stencils were a wonderful surprise.

    Curious if there is a way to easily get them into Fontastic. On your website you mention it...

  3. robbsterino

    I count about 300 icons in your preview. Is there no way to see the other 1200 in the set without purchasing? There's no question the time I would save by owning a set like this, but on other sites (iStockphoto) I get to see everything I'm buying. (I buy over $500 in stock icons each year, btw, so this isn't about being cheap--just wanting to know what's in the set.)

  4. Clay Nichols

    Are these searchable?
    Are the file names verbose ( " hand thumbs up" "shopping cart insert add.png" etc.)

    Is there a list of what icons are included?
    (What is important to me is how many of the icons I *need* that are included).

    Also, are you available to make additional icons that match this style?
    What is a typical cost per icon (similar in style and complexity)?


  5. Vincent Le Moign
    • Shop Owner

    Yes, it means .AI, version CS - Which provide also some symbols panels.
    There is also a EPS version, that can be opened with any software. But without symbols panels (because this is specific to Illustrator)


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