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Fix Flickr Widget Error
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Disable and Remove WPBackery Page Builder.
Reinstall The new Version inside the theme.
Path: framework/plugin-activation/plugins/

Banshee is an ultra responsive, beautiful WordPress theme that is perfect for freelancers, agencies, designers and creative people. It is an elegant & modern solution packed up with an incredibly great amount of high quality features.

Responsive Design and Retina Ready – Serve an optimised version of the volumes theme to your visitors using tablet and mobile devices. It is optimized for Retina Displays (used in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina).

Post formats – Support for post formats means you can fill your blog with your self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries and of course good old standard posts.

Free support is provided only for bugs, theme related issues and really small modifications (a few minutes of work). Everything else, including the adding of complex features or css changes, will be treated as custom work.


- Ultra Responsive Design
- Retina Ready Design
- Shortcode Generator
- Page Builder
- Extensive Theme Options
- Enable/Disable Preloader Animation
- Enable/Disable Item Animation for Mobile Devices
- 2 Stylish Blog Layouts ( Standard Version - Masonry Version )
- 2 Stylish Portfolio Layouts ( Grid Version - Masonry Version )
- Unlimited Accent Color Options
- Sortable Portfolio & Team
- 200+ Retina Ready Icons
- 3 Custom Page Layouts ( Archives, Sitemap, Contact )
- 4 Custom Widgets ( Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, Social Profile )
- Full Localisation Support ( contains .mo/.po files )
- Post Format Support ( Image, Gallery, Standard, Quote, Link, Audio, Video )
- Custom Admin Login Logo
- Demo Files Included ( XML )
- Extensive Documentation
- No PSD Included

All Images are for demonstration purposes only.


  1. Chris Allen
    • Purchased

    I've purchased over 20 Wordpress themes and I just have to say this is BY FAR the best one I've ever used. Your documentation and videos are outstanding and really set the benchmark. I can't wait to see (and buy) more of your work!

  2. jiimmy greer
    • Purchased

    ive purchased and really enjoying it. congrats. Can i ask a simple question about visual composer?
    How to use custom color on the background like you have done on anlternate homepage.


  3. Alessio Atzeni
    • Shop Owner

    @Chris Allen Thanks :)

    @jiimmy greer Simple, when you create a "Section" click on edit button ( pencil icon on the top right ) inside the window you find all options available, for example custom background image or custom background color.

  4. Chris Allen
    • Purchased

    @Alessio Atzeni - I do have a quick question... what would you suggest the best way is to make the header fixed? I added the following custom CSS:

    header {position: fixed; z-index: 999; height: 80px;}
    header #logo a {line-height: 80px;}
    #menu ul li {line-height: 80px;}

    But I'm having trouble with the mobile menu (menu/x icon not appearing, expanding menu doesn't stay fixed).

  5. jiimmy greer
    • Purchased

    hi, i have a quick question
    Is there a way to make box icons filled with a colour (like white for example).
    At the moment the grey is difficult to see on an image background. when they are hovered and go white they show up nicely.
    Maybe I could have the hover color always on?

    and also I want to remove the footer copyright/powered by text if possible, thanks

  6. JerryScheller
    • Purchased

    @Alessio Atzeni I am loving this theme and it is so easy to customize.

    Quick question though....I was wondering how to allow for more than 4 photos within a fancybox gallery. I created several portfolio posts and named them all the same for them to be grouped into the same fancybox gallery...but it only allows for 4 images. It kicks out any additional image I add.

    You can check it out here: The fancybox gallery is under "Portraits and Weddings"


  7. Alessio Atzeni
    • Shop Owner

    @jiimmy greer Hi, if you change the color from icon you need change the css code into style.css

    If you want remove footer copyright go to footer.php and change the phrase.

  8. Jan Semler

    I have to say this one of the best themes I have seen so far. I have just one question is it ready for wpml?

  9. John Baker
    • Purchased

    Great theme! I've really enjoyed working with it so far. What would be the best way to reduce the width of a column's content? I would like more left/right padding on the columns or to set their max width.

  10. Alessio Atzeni
    • Shop Owner

    @Jan Semler Hi and thanks, i don't know if is it ready for wpml because i don't have the plugin, but it is localizable with .po/.mo files.

    @John Baker Thanks, not possible, this theme is created with Bootstrap Grid Framework if you need modify the columns you need change the style.css or grid.

  11. Won Kim
    • Purchased

    Great template! I would highly recommend this. Very robust and at the same time, very simple to use. Thank you.

  12. Dmitry Kornyukhov
    • Purchased

    Great theme, Alessio. A quick question though, I'm planning to add a customer login area to my site where customers will have their own dashboard with project information. Is that possible with your theme? Any advice on what plugins should I use? I'm new to wordpress and would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

  13. romain bouvard
    • Purchased

    Hi Alessio,
    Great tool you gave us.
    Quick question, the white space on top as I guess it's the header. Is there anyway to reduce its size? Should I have to look somewhere in the css or is there an option somewhere ? Same for Color.
    Sorry if it's dummy question..


  14. Dmitry Kornyukhov
    • Purchased

    Hi Alessio,
    And another dummy question from me: how can I insert your buttons in the slides of revolution slider, because the buttons that Revolutionary Slider offers not good at all. Thanks in advance!

  15. Alessio Atzeni
    • Shop Owner

    @philkiel Hi thanks, it simple i create a section and inside 3 columns, inside each column add a lightbox image, otherwise you can install the dummy data.

    @Dmitry Kornyukhov Thanks, unfortunately, for this question I do not know how to help you.
    For the buttons in the sliders of revolution you can write your css rules for button in edit css.

    @romain bouvard For header you can set the height into style.css for the colors you can change the accent color via theme options panel.

  16. jiimmy greer
    • Purchased

    hi Alessio and everyone else,

    If I wanted to center my logo what would be a good way to do it?


  17. philkiel
    • Purchased

    Hi @Alessio Atzeni thanks for that! Just one more question, any reason why the standard lightbox wouldn't be working on your site for [gallery]?

    I love the lightbox on your 'lightbox image' and It'd be nice if [gallery]'s looked the same way! Thanks

  18. manthan108
    • Purchased

    Hi Alessio, Thanks for great theme, just quick question, i wanted to use same page loader you have used into your website...could you please advice how can i integrate in theme..


  19. Won Kim
    • Purchased

    When I want to add images in the text editor, the link is incorrect. This is the same with any media library files including pdf files. Does anyone else have this same problem? How can I fix it.


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