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Meet the Team

  • Aaron Epstein

    Co-Founder & CPO Jack of all trades, master of none. Designer/developer hybrid in a previous life. Powered by Cheerios and avocados. New York ↔ DC ↔ San Francisco.
  • Chris Williams

    Co-Founder & CTO Chief Bug Creator™, drummer, indoor enthusiast, basset hound lover, beer / wine / whisky / coffee drinker.
  • Gerren Lamson

    Chief Creative Officer Designer, illustrator, typographer. Advocate for fellow makers, digital artisans, and craftspeople. Husband of Morgana. Patron of contemplation.
  • Ken Weaver

    Chief Customer Officer Customers come first. Contacts are a chance to create fans. I also love sailing, reading, 70s soft rock and drawing occasional cartoons.
  • Josh Johnson

    Product Manager Equal parts editor, writer, designer, and photographer. I'm never more than a few inches away from something with an Apple logo.
  • Kelley Johnson

    Community Evangelist I’m an ex-schoolmarm who is excited about all things creative. Photography makes me smile and when I find a new-to-me dress that fits just right, it makes my day.
  • Chris Winn

    Head of Platform I'm a problem solver, a practical engineer, and crazy about Bernese Mountain Dogs. On weekends, I bow out.
  • Josh Farr

    Operations Engineer Developer of web things, tinkerer of servers and resident beer geek/homebrewer.
  • Tyler Dorman

    Builder I'm a professional Business Guy, dot connector, lover of culture, smile practitioner, Bay Area dweller since '94
  • Priya Kothari

    Senior Project Manager Logistics and details are my friends. Tacos and TV sitcoms are my favorites. Coach Taylor and Tami from FNL are my role models. Hook 'em Horns
  • Chris Madrigal

    Front End Engineer Technology freak, web enthusiast. I like big waves, tall snowy mountains and a good cup of coffee.
  • Sébastien Armand

    Bit Herder True citizen of the world. Spending my time with family, or cooking, or golfing, or snowboarding, or playing dictator of bits and pixels.
  • Beth Rufener

    Customer Support Specialist & Discussions Guru Designer, writer, musician, and typography enthusiast. While designing, I enjoy baroque music, Jane Austen novels, and chocolate. I'm also a believer, wife of Jacob, and mom of Malachi and Melea.
  • Domenic Patruno

    Customer Support Specialist Lover of art, music, food, hats, dogs, good times and good drinks. Livin’ life by the golden rule!
  • Laura Busche

    Brand Content Strategist Storyteller. Mixing business, design & psychology for a living. Getting by on Norah Jones, vintage finds & offbeat travel. Powered by Colombian coffee.
  • Jeremy Koerber

    Senior Systems Engineer Thing automator, animal lover, husband & dad, paragliding enthusiast, part-time DJ, and infrequent wearer of ties.
    • Walnut Creek, California
  • Noah Stokes

    Senior Product Designer Aspiring late night talk show host. Dad to Owen, Jude and Beck. Husband to Danika. Designer & Developer.
  • Zach McNair

    Senior Marketing Designer Husband, dad of sons, and a lover of art. After hours, he can be found drinking good beer with his wife, wrestling with his boys, and creating music with Forenn.
  • Gaby Izarra

    Content Marketing Manager Content creator at heart. Hooked on Chai tea and Oreos. Avid follower of Insta-famous dogs. Always in search of the next dusty desert dancefloor.
    • San Francisco, California
  • Jackie Ha

    Customer Support Specialist Former biologist that loves all things creative. Enjoys wandering farmers' markets and pretending to be an Iron Chef. Can't live without tea or French fries.
  • Jesse Street

    Front-end Engineer Father of two amazing daughters, owner of one less-than-amazing fish. Can be found wandering off-trail in the woods, hanging by the cliffs, or building cool tech in a coffee shop!
    • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Ryan Weaver

    Senior Visual Designer Designer/illustrator. Husband to Kate and father to a 4 pawed pup named Rue. Usually out running, playing frisbee, or enjoying a cold beer.
  • Jeff Lane

    Performance Marketing Manager Born and raised in the Bay Area. User of many acronyms: SEM, SEO, CRO, BRC. Appreciates beautiful design, nature, and technology. Weekend dance machine.
    • Oakland
  • Alexis Goodrich

    Content Hacker Content enthusiast. Can't imagine life without iced coffee, white Chucks, and Tom Petty. PNW’er in search of an endless summer. Can I pet your dog?
    • San Francisco, CA
  • Akshay Singh

    Growth Analyst Intern I piece things together, logical problems intrigue me. Amatuer guitarist, gamer and cook. Professional squash player and dog lover.
    • Los Angeles, California
  • Jed Murdock

    Web Engineer Oregon boy moves to Seattle to write software. Enjoys hiking and biking, reads compulsively and is obsessed with lunch.
    • Seattle