Beautiful Design For All

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design
content from independent creatives around the world.
We’re passionate about making beautiful design simple
and accessible to everyone.

Meet the Team

  • Aaron Epstein

    Co-Founder & CPO Jack of all trades, master of none. Designer/developer hybrid in a previous life. Powered by Cheerios and avocados. New York ↔ DC ↔ San Francisco.
  • Darius ‘Bubs’ Monsef

    Co-Founder & CEO My friends call me Bub(s)(ba). Husband of Kaili & Father of Waialea. Cofounder of Hands.org. Wearer of mustaches.
    • San Francisco, CA
  • Chris Williams

    Co-Founder & CTO Chief Bug Creator™, drummer, indoor enthusiast, basset hound lover, beer / wine / whisky / coffee drinker.
  • Gerren Lamson

    Chief Creative Officer Designer, illustrator, typographer. Advocate for fellow makers, digital artisans, and craftspeople. Husband of Morgana. Patron of contemplation.
  • Zack Onisko

    Chief Growth Officer I ♥ SF, the www, good design, fine wine, German cars, American guitars, puppies, my beautiful wife, baby girl and the first Guns N Roses record.
  • Ken Weaver

    Director of Customer Support Customers come first. Contacts are a chance to create fans. I also love sailing, reading, 70s soft rock and drawing occasional cartoons.
  • Brian Reavis

    Web Engineer Mountains, climbing, skiing, dogs, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch define his existence.
  • Liam McKay

    Designer A lover of all things design. Known for creating & supporting digital goods in the design community. The much needed British influence.
  • Chris Winn

    Web Engineer Developer and problem solver. Husband of Paige and father of Hadley. Found on weekends wandering the streets of Charleston with a Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • Sarah Doczy

    Operations Manager Wife and mother of beautiful Madeline. I love technology, learning, exploring, hiking and food!
  • Josh Farr

    Web Engineer Developer of web things, tinkerer of servers and resident beer geek/homebrewer.
  • Stephen Hallgren

    Web Engineer When not conjuring up internet magic, Stephen can be found reading, taking photographs, or hanging out with his beautiful wife and children.