LaunchPad - Product Intro / Splash

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LaunchPad is a HTML/CSS coded template for showcasing your product.

It can be used to showcase a downloadable product or mobile app, or to act as a holding page for a soon to be released web application. There are two versions in the download, one with a subscribe form, one without.

It comes with two templates, one with a subscribe block, one without. The demo for the alternative layout can be seen here:

All coding is compliant with web standards. All code is well structured and has been annotated for easy modifications. The browser and mobile previews can easily be modified to contain previews of your applications, just find and replace the images labelled in the file.

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  1. tobomat

    livepreview seems to not working: 404
    You seem to have stumbled across a page that either doesn't exist or has been removed, whoops.