Blank Stationery / Branding Mock-Up

Present your work in a professional manner with this clean and elegant mockup . With little skill in photoshop impress your clients showing their work in its final form. In just three steps you simulate the visual identity on various customizable objects in 8 different angles.


23 objects editable via smart object in 8 different views
Change the background texture or color background
Edit intensity of the shadows
Change design and color of the objects


8 PSDs customizable via smart object
High definition (3200×1680px – 44.4×23.3inch) - Great for print
All placeholders in JPG (3200x1680)
PDF how to use


Through this link you can download free .psd example available on my profile on Behance:

Direct link to download the file:

Enjoy =)


UPDATED: Version 1.1 - 28/10/2013

• Fixed the problem with the full backgound on business card.
• Now you can change individually color for the binder clips.
• Option to choose the color of the pencil.

• Option to choose the color of the pencil.
• Now you can change individually color for the binder clips.

• Option to choose the color of the pencil.

• Reversed the logo of the stamp

• Option to choose the color of the pencil

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  1. Vincent Burkhead
    • Purchased

    Gorgeous. I just used it and it makes my logo concepts shine. Thanks for kicking ass on this mock up tool.
    > v

  2. Andrej

    Great work. I have one question: What size are the business cards? Are they 3.5 x 2 in on all PSDs?

  3. Mark Ramdarass
    • Purchased

    Hi Dooca. Thank you so much for updating your files. I have to ask for one more small item. Can you create a mask/smart object for the side of the bag? i have a texture I'd like to wrap around the side, but cannot accurately without skewing it and taking a lot of time. Also, it seems like there should be a triangle of core shadows meeting because it is an unfolded bag. Thoughts?

  4. letterpresslove
    • Purchased

    Excellent product here, but I'm just curious why in the world you would put standard 3.5x2 business cards in 02.psd??

    UPDATE: Turns out the shape is odd on all of them. What gives?

  5. Dooca Design
    • Shop Owner

    Thank you so much for your feedback Mark!
    We are working in adjustments and we will update the file as soon as possible.

    We let's look at what we can do about your suggestions.
    We have a limitation that is the file size. Any product here on Creative Market can not be larger than 500mb and some of his suggestions will result in a larger file, unfortunately =/


  6. Mark Ramdarass
    • Purchased

    I noticed a couple things you may want to edit:

    1) the logo on the bottom side of the stamp should be reversed (maybe just add directions as a heads up)
    2) on 01.psd the placement of the "back" business card folder needs to be moved up. Otherwise, the color is off.
    3) on 05.psd "BINDER_CLIPS" instead of "BENDER_CLIPS"

    Suggestions for next version:

    - Please add rounded corners and a perspectives for portrait business cards. I'm tend to design in vertical format.
    - Please mask off the stripe and pencil lead color for adjusting
    - Please separately mask each binder clip individually
    - Please add another background textures (glass/floating, wood, something more shiny)
    - Is there a way to take out elements? I found myself attempting to erase the CD. I love that angle and setup, but nobody uses CDs anymore.

    Thanks again! excellent work. I'm going to recommend this to my design community and can't wait to share your work at my next Bēhance portfolio review meet up.


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