Taiga is a classy upright script. It’s closely related to Mishka yet different: while Mishka is playful Taiga is more elegant and fancy. Click on Swash, Contextual or Stylistic alternates in any Open Type savvy application for gorgeous display lettering. Turn on Small Caps to activate a complete set of block capitals designed to go with the font.

  • Taiga Regular otf (400)
  • Taiga Italic Regular otf (400)


  1. tjriggs

    I went ahead and picked this font up- it's really fantastic.

    There's a ton of alternate glyphs, and all those things I look for in a font- block caps, lining figures, especially.

  2. Tiffany Profet
    • Purchased

    I loooove typography and this font is beautiful. Thanks for offering it as a freebie this week!

  3. Jessica Molina
    • Purchased

    Wow, what a great freebie this week. Gorgeous font, cannot wait to go home and download it! Well done!

  4. Lisa Thompson Taylor
    • Purchased

    Incredibly tasteful - I host a ridiculous number of events and it's always nice to incorporate something fresh - your font will be just the thing!


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