Halftone Textures - 10 Pack

This Halftone Texture pack includes 10 high quality vector EPS and PNG files derived from high resolution photos. These textures capture the feel of old school prints, and harken back to the day when you could easily spot the halftone textures in prints. They can provide an authentic and classic feel to most ay project. I recommend clicking on the larger view of each of the product images to better see the detail.

Note: These textures do not tile or repeat. Each vector EPS and PNG is a full-page size. The PNG files are sized to 12 megapixels, (4000px X 3000px).

What's included:

  • 10 Individual Texture files in both vector EPS and PNG format. Both formats have transparent backgrounds.
  • A PDF texture guide to provide a handy overview of the textures.

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  1. Joseph Smietanski
    • Shop Owner

    @rana gustava Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with the Creative Market system.

    I have never heard of any such issue. Whatever you are experiencing with the checkout process is not a result of any specific related to my texture product. This product has sold in the past couple hours with no issue.

    I'll send you a direct message and see if I can offer any assistance.

  2. rana gustava

    Hi there, I'm new in this website and I purchased this textures by credit card but after finish it anything happens. I mean, my purchase said "You haven't purchased any product yet", but
    in my bank account I see the movement.

    What shall I do? :(


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