Flyer / Card Realistic PSD Mock-ups

These mock-ups work via Smart Objects:
- You don’t need any skill with Photoshop, just place your design in the Smart Object, and it will automatically update with your design
- Perfect for any type of Business Card, but also for flyers and posters
- Huge Image Size for great close-ups: 3000x2000 px 72DPI
- These mock-ups are in PSD format, in 2 clicks you have your design in place, like you printed it for real and took a photo of it
- A wide variety of different mock-ups, all top quality and realistic
- Make beautiful closeups of your designs, and impress your buyers and clients with a realistic look of the final product

The mock-ups are editable photographies, but the items can't be moved in the documents: you can place your design, have a perfect realistic look and make a close-up crop of the item that you want to show, wich like having the chance to hide some of them

The Business Cards that you see in the presentation are NOT included (only the “place image here template”): I’ve used these free and premium templates:
- the first b.card is designed by me

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  1. Leo Torres
    • Purchased

    Thanks Giallo, but so some reason the pasted color logo I used doesn't look as crisp as in your color sample you have. The finished logo look quite dull. Any suggestion?

  2. Mark Ramdarass

    This will be my next purchase for sure. I do a logos and business cards. Usually, my clients don't need an entire stationary- this will be perfect! I must second rounded corners too.

  3. Chelsea Linsley
    • Purchased

    Thanks, Giallo! I'm super happy. I would also LOVE to have the same thing with rounded cornered cards if you feel up to it in the future. Cheers!

  4. Attila Szabo

    Looks better than the 3D ones. And the black/dark grey surface of the desk it's a good choice. Does not disturb the eye with any design. Like it!


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