1566 icons in Eldorado set

25.06.2014 - Font added
08.05.2014 - New categories: Baby (toys, clothes, newborn), Holiday (feast, st patrick, new year, christmas, jewelry, celebrate, thanksgiving).
23.09.2013 - 60x60 sized PNG and PSD raster version of Eldorado Stroke added
25.08.2013 - SVG files for individual icons added.
08.07.2013 - New icons in catogories: Devices, Mobile, Multimedia, Navigation, Transport, Work
New categories: Appliance, Furniture
1 AI file for all icon categories now.
04.06.2013 - PSD icons are now divided on individual shaper layers. CSH photoshop shapes added.
18.04.2013 - Default 40x40 size is now pixel perfect.
12.03.2013 - 88 Building icons added.

Eldorado contains 1566 vector icons divided into following categories:
Baby, Basic, Building, Culture, Devices, Documents, Education, Finance, Food 1-3, Holiday, Layout, Medicine, Mobile, Multimedia, Navigation, Player, Symbols, Transport, User, Weather, Work, Furniture, Appliance.

You can try free version of this icon set before purchase at:


- Adobe Illustrator AI. Comes in stroke and includes 40x40 px and 60x60 px files. Each icon category is on it's own layer.
- Adobe Photoshop PSD. Sizes: 40x40 and 60x60.
- Adobe Photoshop custom shapes CSH.
- SVG files for individual icons.
- Font.

- Transparent PNG. Sizes: 40x40 px, 60x60 px and 128x128 px.

- Ready for iOS 7. PSD and PNG in 60x60 px.
- Eldorado complements Eldorado Stroke icons (stroke icons version sold separately here: https://creativemarket.com/Icojam/12905-1471-Icons-in-Eldorado-Stroke-set).
- Comes with free raster version of Eldorado Stroke icons (in PSD file).
- Perfectly fits for making flat icons, infographic and interfaces. Good choice for use in web, iOS, Android, Metro style Windows 8 and other applications.
- Strong and serious style.

You can also find these icons in alternative Cosmo style:

If you need specific icons in future updates please tell us via email or messages on CreativeMarket.

Please, report us if you found any bug or have suggestions to: info@icojam.com


  1. The Fireworks Police

    @Icojam Is this all in one AI file or separated into multiple (i.e. one icon per file)? I think the price is fairly steep but I really like the set. If we do buy it, can we use it in our commercial products?

  2. Icojam
    • Shop Owner

    @The Fireworks Police, for each category there is an AI file. For example, buildings.ai, work.ai, weather.ai. And yes, you can use these icons in commercial products.

  3. The Fireworks Police

    That sounds good. Sorry for all the questions. I have to explain all my purchases to the company financial person. Any chance of a font? I know it's asking a lot.

  4. Icojam
    • Shop Owner

    @The Fireworks Police , it's ok. =)
    We don't have a font for the icons yet. We'll possibly create them in future, but can't tell for sure with all that work we have.

  5. Shelbie

    I really want to rezise the icons to fit the button size for my layout, but I cannot make them custom shapes, is there a way where I can resize each items differently without ruining the value.

  6. Icojam
    • Shop Owner

    @Shelbie, You can always select and copy individual icon from the icon set shape with Direct selection tool or just import an individual icon shape to Photoshop from AI.

  7. orange_creative

    Wow, less than 3¢ an icon?? I am buying this as soon as my last cheque comes in :D Great set, thanks for all the hard work!

  8. Robison Taffarel Fernandes
    • Purchased

    I just bought the package! Congratulations to design their work and very tasteful. Truly an outstanding work that is worth every penny! Thank you!

  9. DBD NZ
    • Purchased

    Can I buy this set once and use the icons in multiple print projects? Or do I need to purchase the set every time I do a new project?

  10. Icojam
    • Shop Owner

    @DBD NZ , yes you can buy them once to use in multiple projects.

    @Isabelle Lepez , these icons are vector, it's easy and enjoyable to color them for your project. We've just created the example of one of the thousands of possibilities. Also some formats like CSH does not allow you to make predefined colors.

  11. elaine ossipov

    I love all these little Icons, I think I collect Icons just because they are cute.

    This statement/question is not pointed at your icons, but all icon's just something I've really noticed the last few months. I have noticed many, many these days, that I've no clue what they represent. Personally, I need a chart these days. Does anyone know if there is one made up somewhere. I know I can use Icon's for whatever purpose I want, but I figure at least half of these symbols, gliph's have a specific designation.

  12. ratreides
    • Purchased

    Hi there,

    Have just purchased.

    In an earlier comment on this page you mention that there is an AI file for each Category. However after unloading and unzipping I only see one AI file for ALL icons.

    When I open this I can only see a small section of icons?

    I am not an AI expert by any means but normally manage to stumble through. Would you please advise, (1) whether I should have got an AI file for each Category or (2) how to access all of the icons in AI 'all' file that I received.

    Thanks in advance and love the icons and the very reasonable price.



  13. Icojam
    • Shop Owner

    @ratreides , we've sent you the private message so we could help you. We've updated the icon set and now there is just 1 AI file for all icon categories.

  14. Tera Nakata
    • Purchased

    Hello - I think I am having the same issue as the above person re: only seeing a small section of the icons. How do I go about viewing the rest of the files?

    :) tera


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