doodled frames pack

a set of 27 doodled frames, ideal for creating thank-you cards, invitations, logos, picture frames, and much much more.
vector CS-file included, also individual png-files in two versions (with and without centre opening).

for full preview double-click preview images.

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  1. Molly Bermea
    • Purchased

    I just want to add that I totally bought these from seeing them in the CM email newsletter I got this morning. I liked your other doodle pack but this one seemed a bit more desirable. :)

    Glad you were featured or I wouldn't have bought this this morning. :) I'm a photographer / graphic designer and will find these ever so useful!

  2. Molly Bermea
    • Purchased

    I appreciate that you've shown & included BOTH a filled and non-filled frame. I have bought another package from another seller and I don't think they included filled frames and the vectors were not set up to be able to easily add a fill... loved the work, but that was highly annoying to find out.

    This makes a huge difference in how I wanted to use the frames in design. So BIG THANK YOU. huge reason I am just about to purchase. ;)