Vintage Vector Flowers

Combine our lovely Vintage Flowers Vector Set and create lovely bouquets. There´s a lot of possibilities!

The set includes 2 Illustrator EPS(8) vector files, 2 PNG files with transparent backgrounds and 2 JPG files with white backgrounds. The PNGs and JPGs are 300dpi.
Great for vintage wedding invitations, cards...
Enjoy the colors!

You’re allowed to…

Use the illustrations for any personal, commercial project including web design, software, application, advertising, film, video, computer game, gui design, illustration, for You or for Your clients, without having to pay additional licensing fees.
You’re allowed to use these illustrations in some design that you resell (like templates, T Shirt), but you’re not allowed to provide these ornaments as downloadable files. They should be included in your own design.
The illustrations can be used by any number of designers of Your company.
You may modify the illustrationsin shape, color, size and/or file format and use the modified illustrations according to these license terms for any personal or commercial project.

You’re not allowed to…

The illustrations may not be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use or detached from a product, software application or web page without express written permission from Mia Charro.
The vector illustrations may not be not be placed on any website in a complete or archived downloadable format.
Making modifications or alterations to any of our illustrations or other materials does not free you to then sell or license them.

Have a great day!


  1. Taylor Johannesen
    • Purchased

    I just think these are so adorable. I really hope you add more soon. So lovely, I'm over the moon to have them.

  2. Mia Charro
    • Shop Owner

    Thank you sooo much Taylor, I´m working on a new floral set. I hope it will be ready next week.
    Have a great day!

  3. monicarysavy
    • Purchased

    Very pretty! Are any of the bouquets already put together or only separate images that you can then combine?

  4. Mia Charro
    • Shop Owner

    Thank you @monicarysavy :)
    The zip archive includes 2 EPS, 1 of them are the flowers (individually) and the other one are the bouquets (but is an EPS so you can separate and re-combine the flowers). On the other hand, the zip also includes 2 PNG´s (300dpi) with transparent background (one the flowers individually and the other one the bouquets) this one is a png, so you can´t separate individually the flowers of the bouquets. And 2 JPG (300dpi) the same thing as the png´s but with white background. I hope I have clarified your doubts and please... excuse me for my english :)

  5. monicarysavy
    • Purchased

    @Mia Charro Perfect! Thanks for clarifying! I really like them a lot, but doubt I'd put the bouquets together as well as you do! This is good news! Thanks again for this information.

  6. Nikki Hampson
    • Purchased

    I've been in love with these for weeks and just looking for a project to use them on - finally found it! Thanks for these great illustrations!

  7. Noor AlQahtani
    • Purchased

    Just bought these they are so pretty. I will make some designs with them so you can check my site out :)

  8. Mia Charro
    • Shop Owner

    Thank you Dina :)
    I love drawing and I´m very glad with all your nice comments :)

  9. Jackie Dodd

    Thank you so much for sharing these! They are beautiful!!!! And exactly what I'm looking for! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!!! :)

  10. Mia Charro
    • Shop Owner

    Ohhhhh they look beautifull!!!! I love reiki too so I´m glad for discovering your web :)
    Thank you :)

  11. Diane Matthews
    • Purchased

    These illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to use them and thanks so much for the extra license details. Can't wait to see more of your work : )

  12. Salam Alhamdy

    Hi there - these are so beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant and vintage all at the same time – true artistry! I want to buy these - quick question though. While I do own and use both PS and Illustrator, 99% of my work is in PS - so, how big is the PNG file in terms of inches? I realize that it is at 300 DPI. I ask because the transparent PNG file is probably what I would utilize the most and want to make sure that I can use the images without over-stretching the pixels maybe beyond 250 PPI. Thank you!


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