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Lunar Blossom

I'm really pleased to introduce Lunar Blossom - a versatile and artistic set of hand-made brush fonts!

With a very distinct weight contrast and an authentic brushed style, Lunar Blossom is guaranteed to give your text a personal, custom-made feel - perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers and whatever your imagination holds.

The font comes with plenty of great features to keep you busy;

  • Every character has it's own alternate version, allowing you to create unique words & layouts.
  • There's also a second font Lunar Blossom Brush, which contains dry-brush textures throughout. This gives you the option of choosing between a cleaner & rougher brush texture for your text.
  • Both fonts have a large range of characters including ligatures and multilingual support.
  • We're not done yet! To give you that finishing touch to your text, I've also included a font of bonus extras, which includes 12 hand-painted swashes/underlines, as well as 6 combinations of paint splatters.

Your download will include 5 font files;

  1. Lunar Blossom.otf ~ Includes ligatures and stylistic alternates for those who have opentype capable software (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator).
  2. Lunar Blossom Brush.otf ~ Includes the exact features of Lunar Blossom, but with rough dry-brush textures throughout.
  3. Lunar Blossom Extras.otf ~ A set of 18 hand-made swashes and paint splatters
  4. Lunar Blossom Alt.otf ~ For those who are unable to use opentype features, this font consists only of the alternate characters for Lunar Blossom. Just install, select & type away to start inputting the alternates.
  5. Lunar Blossom Brush Alt.otf ~ Includes the exact features of Lunar Blossom Alt, but with rough dry-brush textures throughout.
    • TTF files are also included for each font.

Well that just about covers everything, I really hope you enjoy it and please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries, but be sure to check out the FAQ's below first! :)

~ Sam

  • Lunar Blossom Regular otf (400)
  • Lunar Blossom Alt Regular otf (400)
  • Lunar Blossom Brush Regular otf (400)
  • Lunar Blossom Extras Regular otf (400)