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Hipster is a perfect personal WordPress theme for creatives who want to build their personal brand through blogging and networking – this is the modern business card.

Hipster allows you to create a stylish cover page to promote yourself and the theme also boasts multiple post types that allow you to create content rich blog posts such as videos, galleries, quotes and so on. As standard, the theme is fully responsive and retina ready so it looks great on your iPad and iPhone!

Demo: http://demo.themejug.com/?theme=hipster
Details: http://demo.themejug.com/?theme=hipster

Current Version: 2.0.4


  1. Alysa Passage
    • Purchased

    Am I able to insert code anywhere in this theme in order to add a e-mail sign up form on the static home page?

  2. Paul Savage
    • Purchased

    I'm having issue with the excerpt of posts showing. Is it just me ? It's showing the full posts on the homepage.

  3. Paul Savage
    • Purchased

    Thanks for your reply David,
    I'm not convinced that that is the right functionality. i.e. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_excerpt

    Maybe I'm wrong here. The Excerpt is a summary of the post, if you use the more tag, that just cuts off the post somewhere and gives you a link to continue reading.

    In your theme you mention the excerpt, which got me confused.

  4. David Martin
    • Shop Owner

    Hey Paul,

    The current version 2.0.2 uses the_content rather then the_excerpt so you would need to use the 'more' tag in your post to create an excerpt affect and read more link.

    Does that help out?


  5. Paul Savage
    • Purchased

    Yes, thanks. It's a great theme.
    One further comment, if I may, is that the categories pages, the breadcrumbs doesn't seem to fit so well in the style. i.e. small font, middle of the page, large white space below.

  6. David Martin
    • Shop Owner

    Hey Paul,

    Always appreciate feedback.

    I'll look into that and get it improved for the next update.


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Can I install this theme on my wordpress.com hosted site?

No, this theme can only be installed on your own self-hosted Wordpress site.