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Built with the popular flat design trend in mind, bonbon is a fun loving, cute and colorful way to showcase your creative work and create your blog. You can change all the theme colors to suite your needs via the built in powerful theme options panel. No coding required!

Bonbon is a responsive WordPress theme, meaning it will render perfectly on your iPad and iPhone and to compliment that it is also retina ready so your images will display super crisp on high resolution displays.

Note: All graphics on the 'demo' site were purchased from authors.

Current Version: 1.0.3

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  1. Neverplenty

    @Charlie Livingston I would really love to buy your theme, but without pagination for the portfolio it's useless for me. If I buy the theme would help me, give me some guidance on how to make the pagination possible? Thank you

  2. Jaqueline
    • Purchased

    Hi! love it! But I am not abble to change the font for something more "clean". Is this "destroy" effect on CSS? Thanks! =)

  3. Kristian van Tonder
    • Purchased

    Hi there

    I have purchased the theme and plan to use it in the near future but would like to ask a couple of questions first.

    1. Can you change the Flicker widget to show a Dribble feed.
    2.1 Might be a silly question but can one load more than 9 projects like the preview ?
    2.2 If yes then how would additional projects display, as a second page or will they just slot in underneath the current ones.

    Thanks i advance, it's a really theme.


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