PowerPoint UI Design Templates


Design User Interfaces and create clickable prototypes in minutes using these templates with Microsoft PowerPoint.

The templates includes 3,000+ UI components, and 200+ royalty-free icons, all designed from scratch in PowerPoint, and can be edited and customized without needing any additional tools.

Full preview and screenshots available at http://keynotopia.com/themes


  1. Adam Skelton

    Whaaat?! This looks so cool, do you have a video or some demo I can see? I am very intrigued! :)

  2. elaine ossipov

    Gosh I know someone who was just looking for these too, or a dev to help him..It was on a site with a key logo, a site where you recommend people. He needed someone to put together a "Master PowerPoint Presentation" that was only a couple days ago too..

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