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This listing is for a fully responsive WordPress theme, the "Gray Lady Gray." This modern, monochromatic, simple theme boasts a fully-loaded dashboard on the back-end so you can make customizations galore. The design offers a ton of customization options. Want to add color? Ok. A background image? Cool. Your own stylish header that puts ours to shame? You get the picture.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: __


  • Fully Responsive, means this theme looks great on Ipads, phones, and other mobile devices, smartly resizing to fit your viewing screen.
  • Browser Support: IE8 and up, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • Measures 1060px max width with responsiveness enabled. 980px with responsiveness disabled.
  • Blog page content width 780px, sidebar width 200px.
  • Choose to display an excerpt or full post content on your blog page.
  • Dropdown Menus Enabled.
  • Center, right, or left align the menu.
  • Dashboard Site back-end loaded with tons of typography, layout, and extra options. Choose from over 100 Google Fonts. Easy upload options for header, background, favicon, and blog signature images.
  • Color Customization so the navbar ribbon, text, and other theme colors can easily be changed. __


  • Add a single image with text or your logo. Measures 1060px wide, and height of your choosing. __


  • Full Page Width
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Centered
  • Image Carousel (Slider) Page Template
  • Full Width Blog Page Without Sidebar __


  • Includes built-in mosaic tiling image galleries with lightbox feature and ability to add multiple galleries to a page. __


  • Custom built-in sidebar widgets including a social media images widget, about me image widget, single image widget (great for adding image links to other blogs and ads), and the official Pinterest widget. __


  • This template works well with Jetpack, the official plugin that offers easy subscribe to posts, share buttons, likes, and more! __


  • Easy upload of blog signature image.
  • Easy favicon image upload.
  • Easy insertion of Google Analytics code. __


  • Zipped folder with your theme
  • A Photoshop document of the header and about me image
  • Access to our video tutorials
  • A List of Fonts/Colors used in our template
  • Free upgrades as we roll out changes.


**THIS TEMPLATE DOES NOT WORK ON WORDPRESS.COM BLOGS. Your site must be self-hosted, meaning you must have both a domain and hosting purchased from a hosting company. You will need to speak with your hosting company to ensure that your domain is properly configured to run wordpress.***

Need hosting? Email us and we will refer you to our recommended hosting providers.

By purchasing this theme, you agree to the terms listed here:

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  1. Carol Watson

    Can I add more than one picture to each blog post? I've not purchased yet, just learning about your templates but am liking what I see as far as how user friendly they are and the support available. Don't know code so need something for a novice.

  2. Angie Makes Websites
    • Shop Owner

    Hello @Sue Hass,

    Do you mean upload photos in color? Sure! The look of this theme is pretty neutral so you can upload a colorful logo, images, graphics, etc. if you'd like to add color in your header, sidebar, and blog content. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  3. Sue Hass

    Good Evening,

    I am loving the look of this theme. Great job...
    are you able to have full color?


  4. Angie Makes Websites
    • Shop Owner

    Hey guys,

    If you want or need support, it is best to contact us via email rather than commenting here. We are not always receiving comment notifications.


    @Taryn Gilbert - Navigate to appearance/ theme options / misc. There is a spot to insert code in header. Paste your code in there. :)

    @Ryan Trayte - My. Land. NICE work. In fact, probably my favorite modified version so far. Just excellent.

    @bubblerock - Did you get your issue resolved? If you are not seeing the options, you more than likely have a conflicting plugin installed that is stripping them. Email me at for help. Thanks!

  5. Taryn Gilbert
    • Purchased

    Where do you install the google tracking script? cannot find it ANYWHERE even thought it states clearly above that it's 'easy'...

  6. bubblerock

    I am trying to help a friend with her set up with this theme and a lot of the "options" you can see in your tutorials do not appear on the blog backend.

    Like the custom menu option that enables to create whatever menu (including categories, not just pages). As said just above: Your theme cannot use menus natively but you can use them in your sidebar with the widget..." After looking at one of your tutorials, it seems possible for you but it's not appearing on hers.

    The other issue is the lack of "featured image" option on the sidebar when you write a new blog post: it is not "unticked" at the top or anything. So this also makes it a little less usable.

    There might be other issues but these are the two main ones that stop us from being able to customise the theme the way it says it can be customised. We would really appreciate your help especially when we have not received a response from an email sent out to you a few days ago.

    Thank you :)


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