Pricing tables Bootstrap responsive

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Bootstrap responsive pricing tables.
- 6 color styles
- Flat design
- Responsive
+ rounded corners
- Easy to use with Bootstrap
- Ready to go

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  1. Bootstraptor com
    • Shop Owner

    @Jay well, for 1-2 days we will add a simple pricing tables to all Landing page templates, thank you for your advice! Successful developments! Peace!

  2. Jay

    Nice Deals, though you should add a mini-version of the Pricing Tables to the NEW BOOTSTRAP FLAT STYLE Landing Page, so at least users & buyers are not left with having to code their own if Non-Profit like @Code_Collective (Dev Collaborative Org.) like ourselves.... at least a simple colored pricing box(es) with only 1 standard color & only BASICS - if they need more, a good selling point for you're Commercial Pricing Tables ?