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Righter is a simple WordPress theme for simple humans who simply want to write. I've stripped out any features that get in the way of writing and reading, leaving a clean, minimal, lightweight WordPress theme for writers.

What Righter has:
• Beautiful, clean typography
• Adaptive layout for mobile devices
• Custom accent color
• Single-click Twitter comments and sharing
• Single featured image per post
• Lean & clean code

What Righter does NOT have:
• Pages
• Media (other than featured images)
• Comments
• Plugins
• Widgets
• Multiple users
• Anything else that gets in the way!

Be sure to check out the demo site to read more about Righter and to see the theme in action!

Internet Explorer notice: Righter utilizes a few media queries to adapt to smaller screens. Therefore, the theme is best used with IE9 and IE10 or any recent version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Much love from Chicago,


  1. Ben Adelt
    • Shop Owner

    For anyone else wondering about images, I'll likely be adding featured image support at some point in the near-ish future. That'll allow you to set one featured image for each post, location and styling TBD...

  2. Ben Adelt
    • Shop Owner

    UPDATE: Oh snap, Independence Day treat...featured images! I added support for one featured image per post, check it out here: http://rightertheme.benadelt.com/2013/06/26/featured-image-support/

    If you've already purchased the theme, I believe you can go to your purchases and just re-download the .zip file. Delete the old version from your site, upload and activate the new version, and you should then have featured image support when creating or editing a post.


  3. Fang Rock
    • Purchased

    This theme is now officially my most favourite ever! The featured image is brilliant. Just one thing, would it be possible to add a thumb of the featured image on the list of stories on the home page?

  4. Ben Adelt
    • Shop Owner

    Thanks much @Fang Rock! I'll consider that for a future update, but for the moment I'm busy whipping up my next $2 theme :)

  5. Ihor Vorotnov
    • Purchased

    Great theme! Looking for a minimalistic theme for my personal blog, and this is the best option so far. But have 2 questions:
    1. I love the font you used, but it does not have cyrillic characters (and I write in russian). Is there a theme setting page where I can change the font or I will have to do it manually (I'm familiar with CSS, @font-face etc)? Would be happy if you recommend similar looking font with cyrillic characters :)
    2. Unfortunately, I need pictures and videos in my posts. I write some guides/tutorials and pictures are really needed. Is it possible to bring them back? Without checking theme templates and functions.php I don't know how you removed them. I'm familiar with php and theme development (I'm a developer, actually) so it's not a problem to edit your templates and functions.
    $2 isn't a big deal, just don't want to buy a theme I will never use. If I buy it - I use it.

  6. Ben Adelt
    • Shop Owner

    Hey @Ihor Vorotnov - Thanks for the note! To answer your questions:

    1 - There is no option in the admin to change the font, you'd have to plug one in yourself. Sorry, I don't really have a recommendation you'd just have to poke around!

    2 - I actually left a lot of room to play around in this one...most of the admin features that are stripped out are done so simply with display:none in the customizer.php file. I tried to do a good job of commending all over the code.

    This was my first theme and I built off the http://underscores.me/ framework, so there is a full featured theme hiding in the source files...I'm just not using most of them. Sidebar, widgets, comments and everything else still lives, I'm just not using them in the theme.

    It would be pretty easy to poke around the customizer.php file, get media support back, then hop into the css to style them properly.

    Sound like you might be more knowledgable on that than me...I'm a self-taught newbie!

  7. Ihor Vorotnov
    • Purchased

    Oh, if it's edited _s theme than I'm in :) Will tune it to fit my needs.
    BTW, have an idea, will write you a private message on this.

  8. Ihor Vorotnov
    • Purchased

    Ben, fortunately, this font (Roboto Slab) supports cyrillic and other international characters! It just does not do this by default, and you included it with default settings, which are limited to latin characters only. You can go to Google Fonts, find the font, customize it and then replace 1 line in header.php. I love this font and I can use it in russian! Awesome :)

    A new link to the font css with Latin+Cyrillic characters:

  9. Ben Adelt
    • Shop Owner

    Ah, very good to know! I'll update that when I get around to it. And yes, that's a great font for sure.

  10. Stephanie Gonzaga

    Hi, Ben. I gotta say that Righter is really a beautiful WP theme for writers. I was wondering though if you still plan to continue developing the theme. I'd also like to know if it is compatible with the retina display. Thanks!

  11. Ben Adelt
    • Shop Owner

    Hey @Stephanie Gonzaga, thank you! I'll probably make updates at some point, but not entirely sure when that'll be. It is naturally compatible with retina displays because there are no images used in the theme, but make sure to use high quality photos for your featured images so they look sharp!

  12. Lucas Andersen
    • Purchased

    Just want to say thanks for a great minimal theme. It is perfect in every way for what I need. I have it setup just for a simple blog, like intended, nothing more. Only customizing I did was I converted the contact me button into a link that forwards users to my portfolio site. great! just what I needed, at a nice price to boot! Keep up the good work, it has already been good to me. Time for me to fill'er up with some posts now.

  13. Adam Williams

    Love the theme. Two quick questions.

    1) Can I enable comments? I want people to be able to comment on the site.
    2) Could I widgetize the sidebar?


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