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10 Side Effects of Becoming a Designer

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
10 Side Effects of Becoming a Designer

When you become a designer, you might notice that the way you think, act, and even the way other people interact with you, begins to change. New things that you've never even noticed or thought about before start to bug you, and things that used to be easy now take more time because you have to get them perfect. Today, we've got a collection ten of these "side effects" of becoming a designer.

If you see something you identify with, Pin, Tweet, or otherwise share it out. If you don't see one that relates to your specific side effects, write a new one and share it out on social with the hashtag #designerSideEffects.

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  1. For me all of them are true, except #8 – we don't have political parties with good logos in my country, so I don't vote. :)

  2. Definitely agree, 5 is so damn true. It's fun to see that this is not something special that you noticed but something that unite us!

  3. #7 definitely! It takes me forever to hang anything on the wall. 1, because I'm terrified of putting holes in the wall and 2, because it obviously needs to be perfect.

    • Staff

    @Dorothy Phillips right? I go through the exact same thing. Putting a hole in the wall is such a serious decision! My wife and I recently put up a bunch of frames in our living room, it probably took three months of planning. Pinterest, Photoshop, Illustrator, Etsy, there was a mess of software involved before we ever made a single hole.

  4. The feelings are strong towards #4 haha, its funny how people you've not heard from in so long or just rarely speak to, suddenly appear needing favours.

    Maybe another one to consider is the new currency you'll learn about when becoming a designer.

    Not only will people offer to pay money but some might actually offer to pay you in "exposure" and tons of future imaginary projects that could lead to paid work (sarcasm) !

  5. I am SO 2, 3, 6, and 9. And let's not bring up the horror that lurks in computer games stores. The box art makes my eyes bleed.

    ... SIGH ...

  6. This is fantastic! Ugh #4 is so true and #8 not only applies to political candidates but sports teams too!

  7. I dont use these words like no. 1, because I'd like to hide my designer identity, especially on a less-designer zone. That cause no. 4 to happen. Nice post!

  8. I can't help but have the side effect of noticing the "widows" and "orphans" in this top 10 list, not hatin' - just sayin'.

  9. I'm with Michael Wilson above—first thing I noticed were the orphans in #s 3 & 8.

    Also, I generally find that these are all true except #8. I notice when politicians have nice campaign logos, but only in the abstract sense. I actually find it appalling—and rather tragic—that anyone would vote for a candidate on the basis of what their logo looks like (even though it's probably true more often than I want to think about). Good design can be put to bad ends. But, I take your point in the humorous light it was intended.

    …Well, maybe #8 and the picture hanging thing. I have better things to do than hang pictures—like today, when I was at the drugstore waiting for a prescription and took the opportunity to invest a solid 45 minutes of my life into examining every single greeting card in the card aisle in the name of "field research." It was a worthy investment of my time!

    Also, how about a #11: You find yourself taking hundreds and thousands of macro photos of completely random objects wherever you go, all the while telling yourself that they might be useful as textures for a project… someday.

  10. Always do #5.
    Always do #9. So many bad menus!
    Then I do #2 at the Restaurant ranting about how can they spend so much money in buying the restaurant, the kitchen, the food, interior decor, etc and then just draw the line and not care about the design of the menu.

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